A Few Tips to Create Funny Comic Strips

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There are several aspects that go into funny comic strips. Although one doesn’t start creating funny comic strips overnight, you have to remember that humor is something that has no barriers and can be developed. Humor involves sharp intellect, sense of timing and the ability to perceive or say things others haven’t imagined. The best part is that humor can be created almost out of anything as long as you have the eye for it.

If you want to create funny comic strips you need to have an erasable pencil and a rough notebook with you at all times. Drawing rough copies of anything and everything you find or perceive to be funny is the ideal way to start on comic strips. Interestingly, unlike most other professions or forms of creativity, you cannot get mad if you cannot get your comic strips the way you want. In other words, someone who aspires to create funny comic strips should be able to see the lighter side of everything. Getting mad, intense or serious would only ruin your humorous outlook, something that you wouldn’t want. Therefore, it is a constant mental exercise to conjure humor out of nowhere, crack a joke or two at everything, from your own shortcomings and strengths to others around you. Funny comic strips are usually those which are sincere, straight and without biases and prejudices. Carrying your notebook with you at all times is a great way of practicing your humorous outlook.

You can always take tips from other graphic novels and funny comic strips. In fact the internet world is replete with comic strips, which means there is plenty of information and inspiration. So you have to try and learn how other humorous strips are developed, how the characterisation has been done and how various themes have been picked. Some humor strips create distinct and different images. There are others which are loosely based on certain themes, whether it is the corporate world, corruption, racism or some other social issues. So, everyone has his style and to create your own reputation you have to find your own unique style that sets you apart from others. In fact, if you think you have an idea about how you want to present your humor, it is best to nurture and hone it, rather than listening to too many people and then losing the funny streak that you naturally seem to possess.

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