A Few Sentences About History of Mobile Telecommunications

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In our days, you can see cell telephone in the arms of nearly every human in a town. But no one may say you for sure, who is the inventor of the first mobile telephone. The chief mobile phone was invented in the middle of XX century by big telecommunication laboratory.

The first corporation which proposed to invent a mobile telephone was AT&T (the corporation that also offers phone cards), or rather Bell Laboratories. The proposition of compact cellular telephones was unreal for 1947, so the only decision for creators was placing those telephones in a cars. They come across the trouble of great mass of phones at that time (near 30-40-kg), and it was uncomfortable to use such apparatus.

But already in 1950 the reducing of a vechicle phones began. Already in 1970 the phones' their shed excessive mass and their weigth was about 12-14-kg, still and all there was a problem of autonomous power, and they still utilized a board network of a an auto. During this time, Motorola was offered handheld radio senders, but they did not consider mobile phones making.

Everything began when a fresh inventor Martin Cooper came to the firm in 1954. He was an average working man and was engaged in the development of modern portable apparatuses. In 1967 Martin and his section made chief handheld radio expressly ordered by Chicago police. Almost after twenty years of his employment at Motorola, M. Cooper comprehended that he could create a relatively little mobile phone.

It took them one year to create desing of the chief cellular telephone. Private companies had to introduce to people new wireless way of communication, that's why Motorola pressed Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for gratuitous frequencies. Because of this there emerged a big skepticism from the staff of the famous Bell Laboratories, who did not believe that those compact telephones could be created with the shortest probable delay. But it took them short to make a resolution, and lastly they exected Motorola to be the obvious case of the cordless telecommunications.

It is difficult to believe that they imagined there would be prepaid calling cards nowadays. The field test was to be started on April 3rd, 1973, that is why all preparations were done in a haste. The first transponder station was set on the top of Alliance Capital Building in NYC that day. The first counterpart of BS could support no more than thirty abonents and connect them with stationary lines. That cell telephone was called Dyna-Tac. It has 12 pushbuttons.

Dyna-Tac was without monitor and had no more supplementary characteristics. You could speak with someone for thirty-five minutes, in case if you charged the phone for no less than 10 hours. On April 3 Martin Copper phoned Joel Engel (utilizing Dyna-Tac), who was the director of the investigation section of the Bell Laboratories. Martin Cooper and Motorola company won a victory with no doubt. Due to Martin Cooper, Motorola corporation and other inventors, a new era of phones was brought in. And nowadays thanks to them we may utilize cell phones and international phone card to Turkey as well.

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