A few ideas on what you might learn when learning about spray tanning training

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If you are contemplating completing a course in spray tanning you may be intent on getting to know a bit more on the subject.

Just a few extra background details can allow you to get an idea of whether being a spray tan expert is the perfect job for you.

So here are some of the essential things you should learn on a spray tan course, thanks to www.sienna-x.co.uk.

The ultimate price of the spray tanning can vary depending on where the store is and the specific service that's requested. Making regular bookings for consecutive treatments can also change the prices. For instance in spray tanning training an individual spray tan session usually costs about 25.00 per person, but this does include post tan care items to help clients get the most out of the procedure. Booking in advance can help many clients to make a saving. Some salons even offer reduced rates if you book many tanning sessions in advance. A free spray tan can be taken advantage of by hosts of spray tan parties too.

A spray tanning machine isn't noisy - a compressor means that it's relatively quiet, reliable and cost effective. It only takes 10-12 minutes for a full body tan due to the airbrush technology. However, some machines have a power jet compressor and spray gun, which means a full treatment can be finished in 5 minutes. On top of that extractor fans are used as overspray can be a problematic area for most expertly trained spray tan technicians. The advantage of these extractors is that they reduce the amount of tanning solution being applied to clients, which would streak and be extremely inadequate.

It is vital that tanning solution is applied using the right technique. So if you are using a manual system, here are some tips. Never spray the customer's face first, this is especially important if they have never had a spray tan before You should point out that it's going to feel cold and that they should also avoid creasing their body too much. Make sure you spray in 6 inch circles and entirely avoid an excess of overspray. Begin at the customer's neck and continue spraying down to their ankles. To tan the face, have the customer close their eyes, take a deep breath and then you should start at the forehead and then continue working your way down.

Courses vary depending upon the institution administering the courses, but the majority of the courses should teach you all about contra-indication, operation and maintenance of spray tan machines, how to apply tanning solution as well as aftercare techniques. The structure of the course may follow this pattern: health and safety, product information, contra-actions and tan zoning order. People who complete the course will get a diploma, which will then enable them to obtain public liability insurance. Furthermore, www.sienna-x.co.uk could help you find spray tan training which will enable people to set up their own spray tanning salon.

You should really research spray tan fluids and which the best one for you would be. Most of the time the spray tan solution itself is a liquid. It is kept in a tank that is attached to the application wand and it is then streamed into the air nozzle. From the nozzle the fluid turns into a mist, and shoots out the nozzle with an even consistency. Believe it or not, which fluid you use can seriously affect the results. This is because lower quality spray tanning solutions can clog the nozzle and result in an uneven tan on people's skin.

It's safe to say that spray tanning booths don't appeal to everyone and in fact people should think about their personal complexion before they decide to go for it. This is because the spray tanning fluid complements and enhances natural skin tones and is therefore suited to users who have a darker skin colour. For example, a person with a Mediterranean complexion may definitely benefit from stepping into a spray tanning booth. Alternatively a person with fair skin might think that the bronze effect doesn't look as good as it does on others and therefore choose not to go for it.

People can prepare for a spray tan in a couple of different ways. Firstly you should scrub off any dead skin cells with a thorough exfoliation. This is because in order for the spray tan to be effective, it is important to avoid showering or exfoliating for up to twelve hours after a tan. To get a really even finish on their tan the person is advised to shave or wax the day before their treatment. Lastly, people should arrive at your tanning appointment in loose, dark clothes as after the procedure that the solution will come off onto clothes.

Hopefully, you should now have a better idea of whether a spray tanning course is the right direction for you.

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