A Few Common Misconceptions about Facelift (Rhytidectomy Surgery)

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Although the facelift, or rhytidectomy, is one of the most often performed plastic surgery procedures, there are some common misconceptions about this type of cosmetic surgery. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about facelifts.

I shouldn't get a facelift until I am at least 50 years old.

Wrong. Many people get facelifts when they are still in their thirties. In fact, you might have a much more youthful jaw line or neck when younger, as opposed to waiting until you are older and having a more extensive and complicated cosmetic surgery procedure.

Facelifts make people look unnatural.

Wrong again. The goal of a good plastic surgeon is to have a facelift patient appear very natural looking, just more youthful and refreshed. The days are gone of patients emerging from a trip to the cosmetic surgeon with skin pulled so tightly on their face that it looks weird.

I am unhappy with my "Turkey Neck" but I don't want to get a facelift.

You don't have to get a full facelift if you only want your neck and jawline tightened. There are several different types of facelift procedures. Talk to your plastic surgeon about what you specifically want to change.

If I have a facelift, I will have to keep on having facelifts.

This is not true at all. It is true that a facelift won't permanently stop a person from showing signs of aging. But having a facelift will often mean that the signs of aging are lessened, and that you might be rejuvenated somewhere down the road with a simple, minor procedure such as a chin tuck.

I have heard that I can get a facelift without surgery.

No way. Things such as BOTOX® injections, micodermabrasion, and other cosmetic procedures cannot take the place of a facelift. While all of those things can improve the appearance of your skin, they can't deliver the improvement of a true surgical facelift.

A qualified Connecticut facelift surgeon can produce remarkable results for patients who wish to enhance their appearance. Men and women of all ages can benefit from the latest advances in cosmetic surgery, including brow lift, nose job, and rhinoplasty.

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