A Close Look At The HTC Chacha

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The second of HTCs new handsets that are optimised for Facebook use is the ChaCha, a model with an unusual name but some sensible and user friendly features that make it a great phone for all manner of users. Despite obviously holding great appeal with the teen market, the full Qwerty keypad together with impressive multi media features make it a phone that could well find itself creeping up on the likes of the Blackberrys of this world.

The two Facebooks phones in this range are both cleverly poised with the Salsa taking on the more traditional large screen smartphone and the ChaCha slipping into the gap that is occupied by models with full keypads. Such phones are often favoured by people who find themselves e mailing much of the time or using instant messaging services. As Facebook has it own very good IM service, the reason for this models release is both obvious and justified. The issue with incorporating this number of keys onto the fascia of a phone is that the screen needs to be reduced in size in order to accommodate them all, thus the device sports a 2.6 inch display that offers great quality image with its 480 x 320 resolution. Rather than totally sacrifice the touchscreen in favour of physical keys, HTC have followed in the footsteps of the Blackberry Torch and enabled the display to offer touchscreen functions. This is a huge advantage to the user as it still allows simple fingertip web browsing and viewing of photos whilst maintaining the practicality of physical keys for the composition of text. So what if you are not a fan of Facebook? Well not to worry, the combination of Android 2.3 together with the keypad makes it a perfect phone for anybody who finds themselves typing more than speaking on their handset.

If you are a social networking lover the HTC ChaCha offers features that make it better than other smartphones currently in the marketplace. The fact that their is a Facebook button on the front of the phone not only allows you instant access to the site but also holds a number of other uses. This button will light up if you a performing a task that can be shared via the site. For example if you have just taken a photograph, the button will illuminate and if you press it the image is instantly uploaded. This is much quicker than accessing an application in order to then upload a photo. Facebook Chat is a feature that will appeal to many users of this phone and you have the ability to not only group certain friends together, but also check the availability of your contacts via the dedicated widget. With the opportunity to hold a number of conversations at the same time, this phone is the ideal device for IM lovers.

Just like its sister model the Salsa, the HTC ChaCha stretches beyond the fact it is a Facebook phone and offers a multitude of feature that will benefit most users, all with the added bonus of a physical Qwerty keypad.

The HTC ChaCha and the HTC Salsa are coming soon.

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