A Car Stereo Of Pioneer FH-P8000BT

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Unify Your Gadgets with Pioneer FH-P8000BT

Ok! Here’s the deal. Most young urban professionals, techies, and audiophiles and alike are spending their money in latest technologies to boost their techno savvy image. Thus, you often meet people owning several pieces of gadgets that require audio speakers such as iPods, smart phones, and high end audio players. And so they require audio enhancers that allow users to stay entertained, connected, and engaged. They need a unifying gadget that accommodates several types of gadgets with high quality performance audio output or speakers. Thus, you do not have to bring quite a number of audio speakers to utilise for every gadget individually.

Pioneer FH-P8000BT

Pioneer, a leader in audio enhancement technologies answers this with a bang, not a whimper. The company is famous for delivering audio accessories that satisfy the impeccable taste of people requiring high quality performance audio machines. Presenting, a one of a kind car audio receiver from Pioneer that guarantees the best features when you talk about sounds and optimum performance. To start with, this Pioneer FH-P8000BT audio receiver is compatible with any car brands out there in the market. That is just one of the most salivating features of the product.

Product Description

If at times you do not want to use hands to operate this product, FH-P8000BT has Bluetooth wireless advance mechanisation to satisfy your desire for entertainment. This product offers a wide range of linking mechanisms that is compatible with MP3, WMA, AAC discs to sustain connection of USB backbone, iPods, High Definition radio, and Bluetooth. When you talk of high-tech iPods, Pioneer elevated user interface and menu navigation of FH-P8000BT that users will think that it is an iPod itself. It has added steering abilities that include alphabetical search, iPod passenger control which allow users to find songs from the iPod source, and a link search which gives a roster of similar music of the artist being currently played.

You will be satisfied with the wireless convenience of Bluetooth and vast options of audio gadgets that can be played from with Pioneer's FH-P8000BT CD receiver. Not only that, it fits to a tee in all double size space provision for car audio system provided in the dashboard.

Product Features

1) Bypassing iPod source – It delivers the most audio high quality performance using the digital to analog converter, delivering the desired highest fidelity output of your music files.
2) Sound Retriever - When you compress an audio file, there are details which are lost. In this feature, audio performance is enhanced because it restores lost information and with the 7 band equaliser you are rest assured that you can find the perfect control mechanism that balances the music. An added bonus, you can make and receive calls through FH-P8000BT without the risk of fumbling and exposing yourself to driving risks.
3) Rotary Commander - It is an ease of access mechanism application that finds your favorite music or configuration change by the mere touch of button with a twist of a somewhat big rotating knob.
4) Safe and Clear Menus - With this feature, you can be sure that you won’t have eyesight problems as menus and song list as well as titles appear in luminous, bright, and translucent form because of the shiny blue 3 line CD display. It has a 10 key hands free remote control that gives you total control at your fingertips while you are manoeuvring the steering wheel. And you can reconfigure settings to adapt to the factory settings of the steering wheel.

Pros and Cons of FH-P8000BT

Here’s what you benefit from this product.

1) Multi Audio Platform – You do not have to buy and bring along with you several speakers to complement different gadgets to enjoy music. It’s a one speaker accommodates all product.
2) It is easy to install and you do not need to be an expert to enjoy different features of the product.

3) And this is your only problem with it:

4) It takes time to learn several configurations of the product. But once you become too familiar with all the system settings, you won’t be worried about getting additional crow’s feet lines in your face.
Ladies and gentlemen, you now have the product that integrates all your gadgets which has audio capabilities into one single speaker alone.

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