A Brow Lift surgery transforms your face for the better.

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frown lines? Rest assured your New York City Plastic Surgeon can address this problem with Brow Lift surgery. It is a rejuvenation technique that can improve the appearance of your forehead and make your face look younger. When the brow is lifted particularly the lateral part, you can regain the youthful look.

The patient stands to gain much from Brow lift surgery. There are many reasons to opt for a brow lift from a New York City Plastic Surgeon. Normally the forehead muscles are being used frequently and this is why forehead wrinkles in addition to crow’s feet wrinkles are common in adults. The brow lift procedure flattens out the wrinkles in the forehead area. Even a few wrinkles in the eye area will be removed because the side sutures are placed on eye level. As a result New York City Plastic Surgeon eliminates forehead wrinkles and the crease between your eye brows to improve the appearance of your face. Due to aging, frequent use of the facial expression muscles and sun exposure result in saggy skin losing its elasticity. In this instance the brow lift procedure can remove the excess skin to make you look younger.

A skilled New York City Plastic Surgeon can enhance your looks by altering the face for symmetry. The side sutures must be close to the temporal fascia, which is a strong muscle that will grip the skin to ensure it remains wrinkle free for a long period. The patient has the advantage of not worrying about visible scars after the surgery as it requires a few incisions, which is placed under the hair line. A microscopic camera used by the New York City Plastic Surgeon helps to make the incisions very small and perform the surgery with great precision and little risk. Post surgery infections rarely occur and can be treated with antibiotics. Medication will ease swelling and pain and you will recover in a period of 7 days.
Your brows begin to descend with age. A brow lift at Edmund Kwan MD tightens the skin of the forehead and the brow area to reduce frown lines and raise the eyebrows. The overall effect is to give the face a youthful, vivid appearance.

Ageing, inborn physical defects, and mishaps in our lives are inevitable but the good news is you still have a choice to bring out the best in you with a great and skilled New York City Plastic Surgeon. For more information please visit http://www.dredmundkwan.com.

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