A bounce house inside of me!

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Diaries of a foreign student.
Today in class, I started out feeling not great… but OK, and just kept active the approach of being great and coming back to images and embodying my purpose. It's astonishing. It's like when you bounce on a bounce house, how you can not be in delight and grin and laugh. I've tried it- it's impossible. And we all have bounce houses inside of us- we just have to get on it and believe - the bouncy. Then it's this wonderful emotion that comes from in. Nowhere to boot, and it can't be taken away. As I probable and felt my stretchy muscles underneath the spirals of my bones, (and I've been thinking a lot about the natural world of muscles!) it feels like I'm bouncing in every part of me. I have little bounce houses on my knees, between my vertebrae, in my feet, diaphragm, organs… And as you feel that bounce- the down- it propels you up: A jump back of the balance and interaction between up and down. When you go down, you go up and you feel a hold up. It's like an air divan- if you push downward on it, then it chains you. There's the hold. Stretchy leap incredible emotion. It's all over the body and is just coming up to be exposed- acceptable. Have you ever told as a child not to hop? Don't leap on the divan. It's not protected… H mm. So, with elasticity, you have to let both measures in the muscle- the descending jointly and separately and by allowing one side to ‘shorten', ‘contract', slide together, it allows the opposing side to release, lengthen, slide apart. Dancers are always trying to stretch everything!! I did half of the barred with my eyes closed today. That was great. It made me really feel my understated mind all over my body. And I can dream that I can see it? Want practice some extra! So, my intention that I shared with Shannon yesterday was to be a well-built, lively, adaptable dancer. I recognized a part of for myself that didn't believe in. So now, I'm going to do it. Be it. And I and Shannon are going to make unbelievable performances and alter the dance world with love, metaphors, Franklin Methods and in turn the world will dance again. Same rime I'm thinking of giving myself joy and fun of inflatable bounce houses and party jumpers.

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