A Baby Stroller For Every Occasion

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There's No End To Stroller Choices!

My Goodness! When it comes to baby gear, strollers are definitely found in a very wide selection of shapes, size, options and benefits. When narrowing down your ideal baby stroller, first contemplate the type of baby transportation you want.

Perhaps you have in mind something to move baby and all that equipment similar to that of a traditional stroller. You might find that having more than 1 stroller could be your best bet. A stroller for everyday use and a lighter stroller for traveling.

Here are some basic models to choose from. As previously mentioned, there really is no limit on the number of options - and price tags - for baby strollers on the market these days!

Seat-Carrier Frame Strollers

These models are made for newborns who can't sit up on their own yet. For that reason, this sort of unit does not have an adjustable seat. Actually, there is no seat! It lays flat and purposely designed to transport an infant car seat for any walk-abouts you want to do. No need waking up the baby, simply transfer the car seat over to the stroller and away you go!

Combo Strollers

"Combos" - are a carriage and stroller in one. This kind of baby gear can be used with a newborn. They're designed to hold your baby flat in either a car seat or bassinet.

Really, you could use this kind of stroller from birth up through the toddler years. (It supports around 40 lbs). As the baby gets older, you'll be able to use the adjustable seat attachment for the correct sitting configuration. These models can get rather expensive though costing up to $900. But for this high dollar price tag you get loads of choices such as further storage space for added baby gear and generous canopies for sun and rain protection.

Travel System Strollers

For pure convenience, these units are super! Babies who aren't capable of sitting up can be transported right in their car seat, that securely fastens right to the stroller. When it's time to head back to the car, just remove the seat off the stroller and secure it into the car's safety belt system. Very convenient!

Old School Carriages
These 'old school' types of strollers are still around today. They often have spoked wheels and lots of room for baby and for baby gear. These buggies are great for newborns and some models have removable 'carrying cots'.

The bad news is that carriages are fairly large, cumbersome and not very maneuverable. They're particularly awkward to use in crowed city locations where you may encounter numerous obstacles to deal with. Still, if 'old school' is your cup of tea, these units are huge and roomy and add a touch nostalgia for the olden days.

Traditional Baby Strollers

Strollers tabbed as 'traditional' are in a class that has a bit of everything. Traditional strollers range from light-weight designs all the way to large, industrial-strength designs.

The 'Hercules' models are engineered extra durable with deep storage space and lots of room. They have engineered shock absorbers on all 4 wheels and are manufactured to take plenty of punishment. But they're bulky. Yes, they are sturdy and stable, but rather massive.

There are numerous options found in traditional strollers like snack trays, plenty of baby gear storage, 1-handed folding capabilities, and adjustable seating. These are truly all-in-one models and might be designed to accommodate bassinets and car seats. But they do have a tendency to be a touch on the heavy side so traveling with them is more of a task.

Umbrella Strollers

Since the handles on these strollers resemble those found on an umbrella, they are aptly named. These strollers are extraordinarily light-weight and very convenient for traveling. Most umbrella strollers fold simply but the ride tends to be a little bit harsh (depending on the terrain). Umbrellas make a great spare stroller and the price is very inexpensive.

All-Terrain Strollers

While on the topic of terrain, we have a tendency to take our babies EVERYWHERE we tend to go! And that includes off the beaten path. This can be where an all-terrain stroller earns its keep.

These strollers are tough and can take the punishment thanks to oversized bicycle-like tires. And yes, the tires are inflatable! Plus these strollers are equipped with 3 of them. Riding on air smooths out those bumpy 'off road' treks. Plus they are capable of handling heavier loads that makes them ideal for 'larger' babies and also when you're transporting extra baby gear.

Jogging strollers

Since baby is included in many of our activities, we need a stroller that is as mobile as we are. You can find strollers especially made for active moms and dads who want to include their children with them on their runs.

A jogging stroller is a three-wheeled apparatus with giant, air-filled tires. Running strollers have extra long handles that positions the stroller a bit more in front of the jogger so running legs have ample space to move and not be constrained by the stroller frame.

Safety options on this kind of stroller include a front brake and a wrist strap so everything stays in control at all times. This is vitally important. Their rugged design permits the stroller to travel cross-country like an all-terrain stroller.

There a numerous baby stroller choices to fit in with your active lifestyle. From traditional carriages, all-in-one travel units, light-weight umbrella strollers and heavy-duty models for on-the-go families, you're sure to find the perfect baby stroller to enrich your individual style and baby transportation needs.

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