A Preamble to Bubble Game

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What is so special about bubble game? This is a question that seems to be on everyone’s lips especially for those who have much interest in the bubble related entertainments that are believed to be filled with action, thrill as well as soap. The good thing about this game is that there is a wide selection of the games that at one given period can make a person become an addict. Created and released in the year 1989 on the basis of popular games made by Atari, the classic game saw the emergence of Bubbles. The game has gained a new title; bubble shooter which has an easy operation, extreme fun and most of all no special requirement skills needed in order to make the game a success.

Rules Required
 The rules involved here are very genuine and at the same time simple. All that an interested player is required to do is to make a collection of many bubbles as they pop up. This way, the player is assured of a higher score at the end of it all. Always remember that, they should not touch the ground as doing this may cause you to terminate the game and start over again. So those interested in this classic game have a surety that they will spend many hours looking for the bubbles and at the same time having a great time of their lives.

 In order to commence with the action of this entertainment, it is necessary to get consecutive bubbles with the same color range and align them up using the cannon which is usually attached to an arrow that is found on the game screen at the bottom. The work of the cannon is to make sure that the color of the next bubble is noticeable to you for you to make an ample decision prior to shooting and in turn you will be able to get yourself more of them aligned up.

 Always remember that the walls are similar to mirrors. In case you shoot one to a wall that has been exposed, it will not stick there as it will have a bouncing effect in form of streams of light adjacent to a mirror. The filling up with bubbles at the center of your screen makes the feature to be handful making you to shoot at them in order to move on the sidebars. This way you will be able to enjoy the game until you reach the end.

It is true to say that bubble games cannot reach to a competition without the mention of bubble bobble which is considered another classic game released in 1986 by Taito.

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