800 Numbers: Stay in Touch from Anywhere

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Toll free numbers or 800 numbers have grown in popularity in recent times - particularly amongst the business community. These numbers have come to be recognized as effective marketing tools to enlarge client base and to develop closer rapport with the customers and other business associates.

The single largest benefit of a toll free number is that the caller on this number will not be charged. Instead, the owner of the number will be charged. This motivates the callers to call this number any number of times and from anywhere. There is a convincing justification for businesses to have 800 numbers - after all, why should your customer pay for the phone calls for contacting you to know about your products or services?

As the caller is not charged the number of incoming calls from the existing and prospective customers will increase. The latest trend amongst business owners is to mention the toll free number in all their trade advertisements to elicit higher customer response. In fact, some studies have revealed that the ad response goes up by 30 percent if a toll free number is included. Consumer research surveys have also confirmed that prospective buyers, when having to choose from amongst multiple suppliers invariably contact business enterprises that have toll-free number.

Though the prefix of a toll free number was initially only 800, today it has further extended to 888, 866, 877 and many other digits - due to overwhelming demand. Customers also develop a higher level of confidence dealing with business enterprises that own an 800 number. They believe that they can always keep in touch with the company and solve any kind of maintenance problems they would face post purchase.

The other notable benefit of the toll free numbers is that it can be used by anyone from anywhere and at any time without paying the call charges - and this includes long distance calls as well. The 800 numbers have a special feature that will help the calls to the toll free number to be routed to any other number and the calls can be received on your personal phone, mobile or even your home phone.

Again, if you have multiple toll-free numbers directed to the same location, there is what is known as the Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS). This feature will help you to know which toll-free number the caller has dialed. This information can prove critical if you wish to track responses for your sales campaigns. There is the Automatic Number Identification (ANI) facility that provides caller ID for toll-free numbers which is extremely beneficial for business houses.

Share your toll free number with those who need to stay in touch so they can call you at any time, from any phone. Toll-free numbers are a veritable boon to businesses that have a lot of field sales and service staff and employees who travel often. They can keep in regular touch with the office or access their voice mail, without bothering about the charges.

In fact, business owners who value the significance of 800 numbers are opting for vanity numbers. There is a steep increase in receipt of customer calls when you have a vanity number as vanity numbers are a lot easier to remember by the clients.

There is a host of toll-free service providers and due to the stiff competition amongst them, 800 numbers are available at competitive terms and today affordable by even small businesses.

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