8 Essentials that Matters for Kids

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Food, clothes, protection and guidance are some of the basics essentials of your kids. However, they are also desirous for fun, affection and safety that create an environment for them to be healthy and motivated.

Here are eight things which are essentials for the health and growth of your kids.

Providing them All Necessaries of Life

Kids who are too young like to get affection too often and also expect their all necessaries of life to be fulfilled as early as possible. Mostly they need:
  • Arranging food when they need

  • Protecting them from changes of atmosphere

  • Providing them affiliation when they feel sad

  • Showing a realization that you care for them

If your kid is uncomfortable, he will start crying which will be a worry sign for you. Find out some reasons why your kid is consistently crying:
  • Is your kid hungry?

  • Does your kid want to drink water?

  • Have you dressed your kid uncomfortable?

  • Does your kid having fever or sickness?

  • Has your kid taken enough sleep?

Giving them Safety

Providing your kids all the necessaries of life does not mean that everything is going perfect for their health and growth. If your kid is feeling unsafe, he may be unhappy, panic or sad which will be disturbing his health and growth. Keeping your kids in a safe environment lets them grow faster and they enjoy the stuff more and more. Showing them affection and care will let them feel safer and protected.

Showing them Affection

Showing your kids affection and love will let your kids feel comfort and protected. You can show them affection and love by kissing them, holding their finger during walks, hugging them or situate them on your shoulders etc. However your older children would be looking for other ways like patting on their shoulders, playing games with them or racing with them etc but keep exploring more ideas for their health and growth.
Remember cuddling your kids out of the limit may also cause them habitual for it and may loosen your hold on your kids so be moderate.

Increasing their Confidence by Appreciation

Always encourage your kids for good virtues and keep discouraging their bad habits. Showing your kids appreciation for their achievements and moral deeds will let them try to please you and also develop a feeling of satisfaction. Kids who are satisfied for their good habits are more likely to:
  • Learn and hard work

  • Manage their life themselves

  • Be more confident

  • Be more healthy

Interacting with them

Try to interact with them too often. Sometimes it will be difficult for you during tough routines, however you can use phone and have chat with your kid. Never let them be quiet for long time, keep asking them their ideas, reviews or plan about anything positive for their health and growth.

Giving them an Emotional Belonging

Make a relation with your kids that they share everything with you. It will let you to give a very influencing personality for your kids. If your kids will start hiding things from you, they will be likely to involve in inappropriate things which will be on negative side for their health and growth.

Gifts and Rewards for Achievements

Another sign of taking good care of your kids is presenting them gifts and rewards for achievements. It encourages them to be more hard working in their life. Think about those gift ideas which are good for your children health and growth.
Kids like stories books, games, DVDs, sports, music and paints etc but what will be effective for their education and health? Stories books are often considered as vital tool for your kids education and personality development. You may find various categories of comic books online like you can get educational comic books, superman comic books, marvel graphic novels or you can also buy medical comic books which are graphic novels explaining diseases to kids.

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