7 Mistakes You Make Every Day That Cost You Energy

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You may sporadically feel tired in the middle of the day, or perhaps in the late afternoon, but you have to remember that you should not be experiencing it practically every day. If it becomes more of a habit than an occasional occurrence, perhaps you need to analyze your lifestyle - you may be doing some things that sap your energy. Here are just seven things to watch out for:

Being an email addict. Checking your email (voicemail, blackberry, whatever you have) is okay, but if you have the compulsive need to check it every, say, five minutes to see if you have a new mail, it can eventually leave you feeling drained in the end. Try to go over your emails at regular less frequent intervals, maybe every few hours or so. It will eventually eliminate the sense of urgency to check your mail every time it beeps.

A lot of clutter. If you're moving around in an environment that's far from orderly, you may already have feelings of anxiety - even before your work starts. Start with a clean and well-organized desk; it will do wonders in helping you boost your energy.

Boredom. Sounds a bit ironic, but not doing anything can actually be more tiring than doing a lot of things in a given day. Try to motivate or psyche yourself up in starting with your to-do list rather than wasting a big chunk of time procrastinating. Once you begin, it's much easier to really become involved in what you're doing, giving your mental and physical energy a boost.

Poor posture. When you sit in front of the computer for long periods of time, you tend to slouch and your posture suffers horribly. Poor posture doesn't only indicate tiredness and boredom; it can only mean health problems, because your blood flow is impaired and your muscles contract. Make it a habit to get up from your workstation every 90 minutes or so. Just walk around the office or get some water.

Not getting outside. If you always find yourself stuck in your office for stretches of several hours or more, then you'll observe that you're likewise getting tired faster and faster as the days progress. Just because you have a heavy workload doesn't mean you have to stay glued to your seat all the time. Learn to take breathers and go outdoors for short walks. The fresh air helps and so does the vitamin D from the sun.

Taking in too much food at once. If you tend to eat a lot of food in one go, chances are you'll be drained of energy by the time your afternoon coffee break arrives. To keep your energy evenly distributed, you should take decent amounts of food at regular intervals. You won't feel bloated or energy deprived.

Negative people. It's not just your imagination - associating with pessimistic people really does make you considerably more exhausted. Try to stay away from them as much as possible; instead, surround yourself with good-natured, optimistic friends, family and work colleagues.

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