7 Fuel Saving Tips

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Have you ever sold your jeep or are you thinking about selling it because you think it is taking so much of your money to its fuel consumption? Do you always leave your jeep at home because it is consuming a lot of fuel? This article is dedicated to you. You might be mad at your jeep but it is not the problem. Read on to know what the problem is.

Many times you blame your car for consuming a lot of fuel. But there are a number of tips you can follow to prevent this high fuel consumption. These are;

Keep Your Tire Pressure in Check

Under inflated tires are known to contribute to about 7% usage of fuel. Tires lose air with time as a result of temperature. Thus, you need to check them after every month for pumping in order to keep them at the correct pressure. This will help you reduce excessive fuel usage.

Service Your jeep

Regular servicing of your jeep will help reduce fuel loss. By servicing your jeep, you are able to troubleshoot any problems in your jeep accessories that might be accelerating the flow of the fuel. For example, a clogged air filter or exhaust system can lead to 10% extra fuel consumption. Servicing your jeep regularly will make sure that your air filter and exhaust system is clean thus avoiding loss of fuel.

Avoid Excess Luggage

Excess luggage causes excessive fuel consumption. Fuel consumption of your jeep increases proportionately with the weight of the luggage carried. When going for a ride, always make sure you carry only the required luggage for that specific trip. Any other luggage that you do not need should be left behind. Also there are some detachable
jeep accessories
. If you do not require them for that particular ride, you can detach them to reduce the weight on your jeep thus save fuel.

Avoid Unnecessary Stops

Whenever you are going for a ride, avoid stopping your jeep unnecessarily. The engine restarting process usually takes up a lot of fuel. To reduce this, avoid stopping on the way before you reach your destination if it is not an important stop over. This will help you avoid restarting your engine every now and then thus saving fuel.

Avoid Speeding

You might think that driving at a very high speed will help you reach your destination fast and save fuel. Driving at a high speed burns a lot of fuel thus excessive fuel consumption. Reduce the speed and drive slow. It might take extra time to reach your destination but you are assured that your fuel consumption rate is in check.

Avoid Short Drives

If itís a distance you can walk or use public transport, donít use your jeep. A cold motor uses 40% more energy than usual on short distances. This means that using it for short rides will lead to excessive loss of fuel.

Avoid Traffic Jam

Itís hard to avoid traffic jam but if you can, the better. Most people do not know how to avoid excessive fuel consumption when on a traffic jam. That is why it is advisable to avoid these jams. But if you find yourself in the traffic jam, keep a constant but slow speed. Avoid the speed up-slow down process. If you think it will take a long time to for the traffic jam to move or if it is not moving at all you can switch off the engine. But if it is a moving jam, do not turn off your engine. Keep a constant speed. It takes up less energy to keep a car moving but more to get a car moving.

You do not have to spend all your money on fuel. Instead, you can use your money on other things like jeep accessories to transform the look of your jeep. Follow the guidelines and reap the fruits. Good luck!

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