6 Ways To Prevent Neck Wrinkles

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There goes a saying that a woman’s age can be detected by looking at her neck. This is because often the neck is neglected from pampering. Women obsessively hunt for best beauty products – facial moisturizer or sunscreen and regimen – peels, Botox or lasers. For them, beautiful face is more significant than beautiful neck. It is no doubt that all these lead to neck wrinkles.

To get rid of such wrinkles and prevent their reappearance, a proper skin care is required which can cater to both the face and the neck.
There are several easy tricks to get a beautiful and smooth neck. Here are 6 of them:
1. One recipe for avoiding neck wrinkles is applying papaya and pineapple on both face and neck. These can be applied directly from the raw fruits. Small pieces of papaya and pineapple can be applied and left for 15 minutes. One can then rinse off with warm water. These are also present in many beauty products. They also form the main ingredients of peeling due to their exfoliating properties. They ‘peel’ off the outer layer and stimulate the growth of the healthy skin cells.
2. Moisturizing the neck along with the face is necessary. The thin and delicate skin around the neck is very sensitive. To prevent wrinkle formation daily application of serum, cream or moisturizer is entailed. These products should consist of Vitamin A and E and antioxidants which promote skin elasticity and texture. It should be done in an upward motion, starting from the bottom of the neck and ending in the jaw line. It should also be done several times a day.
3. A good sunscreen is also necessary for the neck. Most often women neglect this area, and especially, below the ears, and merely apply extra suncover on the face. To keep the neck wrinkles at bay using a good sunblock is mandatory.
4. The omega-3 acids, present in the fishes, do wonders for skin rejuvenation. They boost collagen production and act as sealer for the cells. They are also considered to be ideal skin protectors. One can eat plenty of fish for getting omega-3 acids. People can also receive their benefits through fish oil supplements, available in local grocery stores and pharmacies. They should, however, be mercury-free and contain purified formula.
5. Regular throat and neck exercises also prevent the formation of neck wrinkles. Sufficient water intake for hydration and proper diet also help in enhancing the firmness of the skin. Head should be kept high and straight to overcome the formation of creases in the neck area.
6. One should also avoid sleeping with high pillows, at bed time, for they result in neck wrinkles. A small pillow can maximize the angle between the face and the neck, thus slowing down the aging of the skin.

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