6 Tricks to Spot the Healthiest Protein Bars

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We have all had that urge and need to grab a protein bar every now and then. The reason could vary from person to person, but a majority of us might say it is convenient, one can have them on the go and are quite affordable. Health enthusiasts find low carb protein bars handy as it assists them in keeping tabs on their protein intake.
In the year 2014 alone in Canada, snack bars, including the best selling Protein Bars, low carb protein bars reached sales of over C$1 billion!
Let us take a glance at the question at hand here. What exactly are proteins? Proteins are one of the building blocks of a healthy diet to power and repair our body. And there are about 10,000 proteins at work in our body!! Proteins are needed for every function in our body including healing purposes and building muscles.
Why are proteins important? Proteins are essential components of our skin, bones, muscles and all our organ tissue. They are also found in the haemoglobin which carries oxygen in your blood; hormones and the enzymes that are immensely vital for our body's key chemical reactions. Protein deficient diet can lead to growth failure, muscle mass loss, an undeveloped immune system; and weakness of the heart and respiratory systems.

Here are 6 tricks one can use to spot the healthiest and best protein bars, among the numerous snack bars, including low cab protein bars all across Canada:
1. Take a look at the ingredients: Before you take a bite off of the protein bar, make sure you are aware of the ingredients. Avoiding the ones with chemically derived additives would be a good idea.
2. Avoid high sugar content variants: If the bar has the same or nearly same sugar content as that of your favourite chocolate, leave it on the shelf and look for something else. The only exception to this would be fruit based bars, in which case slightly higher sugar content can be all right.
3. Watch your calories! This is important as the calories derived from a standard protein bar or low card protein bar still contributes to your daily average calorie intake. The calories derived should be in accordance to ones gender, weight and fitness goals.
4. Keep it balanced: Maintaining a balance between carbs and protein is crucial as not all carbs are bad. In fact, carbs assist muscle growth and repair by supplying glycogen, which gets lost during physical activity or exercise.

5. Give pseudo sweeteners a miss: This is of particular importance to the ones with a sensitive stomach. Pseudo or artificial sweeteners can in some case lead to bloating or discomfort.
6. Not all fats are bad! While keeping an eye out for the total fat content is advised, it is important that we understand not all fats are to be avoided. Fats derived from natural sources are good.
We hope this helps you sift your way through the horde of snack bars, including low carb protein bars available all across Canada, and gets you the best protein bar for you.

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