6 Tips to a Fast Recovery After Lifestyle Lift

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1. Pay attention to post-op direction
Pay attention to what the doctor tells you after your Lifestyle Lift. After cosmetic surgery, the doctor will speak to you about what is needed for your recovery. You may be drowsy, but it’s important to listen to all the post-operative instructions after a face lift. Listening to the doctor’s instructions will help you recover from your Lifestyle Lift faster and with less discomfort.

2. Plan to Rest for a day or so
Resting allows your body to heal faster after cosmetic surgery. When scheduling your Lifestyle Lift, make sure you have at least a day or two to rest. Sleep and limited activity give your body the energy it needs to recover.

3. Don’t Lift too Much
Lifting more than your doctor allows or exerting yourself too much can make it more difficult for your body to recover from a facelift. Even though a facelift doesn’t include incisions in important areas for lifting, exerting yourself can increase blood flow, seep energy, and reduce your body’s ability to heal. Rest will allow your body to form thin facelift scars that are barely visible.

4. Ice and Elevation
After your Lifestyle Lift, apply cold or an ice pack to your face. Be careful not to apply too cold of temperatures. Applying ice after a facelift or any cosmetic surgery decreases blood flow to the area and reduces swelling. Keeping your head elevated after your Lifestyle lift is another way to keep swelling to a minimum.

5. Keep up with pain medication
Your physician will prescribe you some mild pain medications after your Lifestyle Lift. You should maintain your pain regimen, for the first day, or as long as needed. Just be sure you don’t drive while on pain medications. After your Lifestyle Lift, you may be drowsy, but it is important to keep up with your pain dosage. Wake up to take your next dose.

6. Keep Incisions clean and dry
When washing your face or showering, make sure to keep incision areas clean and dry. Any moisture or bacteria may lead to an infection or more noticeable scars. It is important after your Lifestyle Lift to keep all incisions and bandages completely clean and dry at all times.

The Lifestyle Lift has a short recovery time and allows your body to heal quickly and easily. However, it is important to plan for the recovery period to give your body the best environment to recoup as quickly and painlessly as possibly. Congratulations on your new Lifestyle Lift!


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