6 Memorable Things to do This Christmas

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As Christmas approaches parents everywhere are looking for interesting way to make the holidays special. They are going to be looking for the perfect gift and the right decorations. However, it doesn't cost much to make the holidays special. Here are some great suggestions that will cost little or nothing but make the holidays unforgettable for your children.

Have a sit down meal together with the entire family. It doesn't have to be a full blown meal like Thanksgiving. It can be simple as a Holiday Breakfast. A good idea in any case is to make sure to include some holiday touches and foods to your menu. It may be simply hot cocoa or something more festive like gingerbread men. The point is that too often in the course of the year your family may not eat together. So take the time to do this Christmas.

Read to your children. Frankly this is something every parent should already be doing on a regular basis. However taking time to read a good Christmas Story or The Christmas story is a great tradition to start. Pick a holiday favorite and get started. Story time will excite the imagination of your kids more than the best 3D movie. If you are not into classics look at the local library and ask around for good holiday suggestions. This is a great opportunity to start a memorable holiday tradition.

Volunteer with your kids. If you take the time to do a service event with your kids, it will help them to get into the true spirit of the season and see the importance of giving to those in need. The good feeling they will get from making a difference in other people's life will be immeasurable and can make a lasting impression on them. Try to find a volunteer activity that is within their ability to do.

Watch a Christmas parade. Christmas parades can be a great source of fun and help show community pride. Your kids will feel more part of the town and will just have a good time seeing the various performances. If they can participate with their school or afterschool group then encourage them to do so. It will be a great experience and holiday memory.

Family movie night is another idea. It just wouldn't be Christmas without watching a holiday movie or special. If you can try to rent or check out some Holiday movies and have movie marathon. To add to the excitement and enjoyment buy snacks and drinks as if you were going to the movie theater. The irony is that you will like be able to do all of this for the same price as just paying for all of your family's tickets at the movie theater.

Help your children to keep believing in Santa. It can be anything from wearing a Santa suit or leaving evidence of his passing other than presents. You can even have your children receive a letter from Santa. This is a great way to maintain the wonder and magic of Christmas for your children. You can actually now order one online for a small fee. As you make your order you can personalize it with your children's accomplishment and what they wanted for Christmas. You can also choose preset templates to fit any special occasion occurring for your Children this Christmas. This also presents great photo opportunities as your children react to your efforts.

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