6 Lifestyle Changes To Boost Fertility Naturally

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Stop Smoking
Start Exercising
Work towards a healthy weight (BMI) with cervical mucus
Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake
Eat a balanced diet including more vegetables and fruit
Sleep well
Reduce Stress

Lifestyle Factors which may affect fertilty

Obesity (BMI>35---------->2fold increase in time to conception----------->Hassan and Killick,2004(1)
Underweight--------------->4 fold increase in time to conception----------->Hassan and Killick,2004(1)
Smoking---------------------->60% increase in relative risk of infertility------->Clark et al, 1998(2)
Alchohol (>2 drinks/day)--->60% increase in relative risk of infertility-------->Eggert et al, 2004(3)
Caffiene (>250mg/day)---->45% decrease in likelihood of conception-------->Wilcox et al, 1988 (4)
Illicit Drugs------------------>70% increase in relative risk of infertility--------->Mueller et al, 1990 (5)
Toxins and Solvents-------->40% increase in relative risk of infertility--------->Hrushka et al, 2000 (6)

So, in order to get pregnant the thing you should seriously think of quitting is smoking, reducing your alcohol and caffeine intake and should start exercising regularly. Eating a balanced diet, which includes lots of vegetables and fruit, and don’t forget to have a good sleep.

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