6 Gorgeous Skin Foods: What To Eat For a Vigorous Skin

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All the skin care products in the world won't be able to help you achieve a impressive looking skin if you continue eating junk food. Everyone wants to have a sexy looking skin that draws attention and put in a good light all your best features. Altering your eating habits is a must.

You can star by eating these 6 aliments that help you skin stay healthy and young. As time passes just add more and more healthy aliments and eliminate the unhealthy ones. Here are the aliments you should consume for a fabulous looking skin:

1)Amonds: from just 24 almonds you get half of all the vitamin E you need in 1 day and 9 grams of mono-saturated fats. Mono-saturated fats are as healthy as omega 3 fatty acids. You also get 6 grams of proteins and plenty of zinc. Those 24 almonds also give you 7% of all the calcium you need in one day. All are good and healthy nutrients that make your skin look stunning.

2)Tuna: holds lots of omega 3 fatty acids which your body uses to maintain the elasticity of your skin and also reduce the inflammations caused by psoriasis and other skin inflammatory problems. You should eat salmon, tuna and other oceanic fish twice a week. You will notice the results pretty soon.

3)Garlic: is fabulous at combating against infections because it contains lots of components that are sworn enemies of infections. If you suffer from recurrent skin infections you should add 2 garlic cloves in your daily meals. Keep in mind that uncooked fresh garlic is much more powerful at fighting against infections than cooked garlic.

4)Grape seed oil: are full of linoleic acid which is an necessary fat that helps your skin repair itself. It also contains a very powerful antioxidant that can prevent sun burn damages. If you suffer from frequent skin inflammations you can use grape seed oil to alleviate them. Because grape seed oil maintains its beneficial properties even if it was exposed to high temperatures you can use it to cook your food, even deep fry it.

5)Tomatoes: are full of strong antioxidants like lycopene, vitamin C and beta carotene. Antioxidants help you prevent skin cancer and also help your body mend the damages your skin suffered from the sun. If you want to take in more lycopene from the tomatoes you consume during the day you should eat them with virgin olive oil. You can just cut the tomatoes put some salt on them and add some virgin olive oil over them. It is a delicious and super healthy food.

6)Lentil: contain lots of proteins, vitamins and minerals. From lentil you will get the vitamin B complex, iron and plenty of dietary fibers. Your skin needs plenty of proteins to fix itself and stay healthy. A great way to cook lentil is by using it to prepare aliments that also contain virgin olive oil and parsley.

If you want to have a great looking skin all you have to do is eat more of the aliments mentioned above. You can also add more foods to the list and in time you will create a skin friendly diet for yourself. I wish you good luck.

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