5 Ways to Build Family Relationships

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As time goes forward, the family unit is bombarded from every direction. It is becoming more and more difficult to keep unwanted influences out of the household. Whether it's the neighbors, the MP3 Players, the TV or video games, there's plenty to distract your children from what's truly important in life.

The family unit is the moral back bone of this world. Without a good upbringing, children fail to receive the proper education required to make sound, moral decisions throughout their lifetime. The root of most crimes committed in this great nation sprout from a broken home, a poor family environment or parents who failed to teach correct principles. If the family fails, society as we know it also fails.

We've all seen the slogans, the billboards and commercials attempting to teach the importance of the family unit. One slogan always comes to mind and reads, "Family....isn't it about time." So here are five things a family can do together to strengthen that bond.

Spend Time Together - Take a family trip. Leave every else behind except for the immediate family. It's important to spend time with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents, but it's more important to spend quality time with just your family unit. But, instead of taking a trip somewhere to a public place where it's easy to become distracted by things going on around you, take them on a camping trip or some place that you must communicate with each other. We always enjoy spending time in Arizona. There are some nice cabin rentals in Pinetop.

Pray Together - A family that prays together, stays together. It's absolutely true. Pray individually, with your spouse and with your children. Encourage your children to say their personal prayers as well.
Work Together - Working together as a family unit will help build trust, but also build relationships on experiences. A family that knows how to work together can better overcome greater trials. Working together builds the sticky stuff, the glue and the cohesiveness to keep the family progressively moving.
East Together - Turn off the TV, the MP3 players, the video games, the texting and sit together at the dinner table and have a meal. Not just once in a while either. Make it a regular event. Use this time to talk and find out about each others day. You will grow closer together and people will be attracted to your family because of the bonds you are building.
Play Together - There's nothing that burns the ear more than your daughter telling you that you're boring...that you never do anything with them. Who cares if you're tired....that just means you're getting too fat. Take the time to play with your kids.

If your job or business is taking you in the opposite direction than your family, change your direction. You have an obligation to them, before anything else in this world. There is no other success that will ever compensate for failure in the home. By making a vow with your spouse over the alter and choosing to bring children into this world, you have chosen your lot. Managing a successful family is never easy, but is the most accomplished task one will ever complete.

I hope you find this information useful in your family. It has made the world of difference in so many others.

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