5 ways of attracting new clients through your legal website

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With the advent of e-commerce, the world has witnessed a lot of changes in the operational strategies of any business or firm. Even the lawyers and law firms are not untouched with the recent changes. It has been surveyed and proven that almost 22% of people needing some kind of legal service look for lawyers online. This is one big chunk of potential clients. The first and foremost thing that any lawyer should do is to increase his presence in the digital world. The obvious way to brand oneself online is to nail the perfect technique relating to SEO for lawyers.

There are basically 5 areas law firms should concentrate on.

Lookout for commonplace keywords
The beginners should always keep in mind that SEO for lawyers is not only about targeting hi-fi words. It is not easy to rank higher for highly popular and competitive words in the initial days. You should have realistic expectations and start with what's known as very local. Start with keywords that match your area of expertise along with your local area. For instance, if you are a criminal lawyer residing in Barberton, Ohio, your initial target words should be something like ‘Barberton criminal lawyer', ‘criminal lawyer of Barberton' etc.

Distinguish by key area of practice
‘Lawyer' is a very big term and there are so many smaller disciples, which together make the word. You do not want to be known as a lawyer but you want to be known as a lawyer in a very specific area. This is one reason that your entire SEO for lawyers campaigns should be directed to that particular niche area. The content present in your website, your personal citations, your actual case verdicts and verse etc should all be talking about your niche and not about Law in general. This is one way to get away from the cluster and create your own space in large digital world.

Becoming a part of Google places
It means you have to get your firm registered in the Google Maps. Continuing the previous example, if there is anyone out there looking for a criminal lawyer in Barberton and looks at the Google Map, he should find an instant address to your Law firm. This is one of the best techniques forming a part of SEO for lawyers. You should also get your name registered with all popular attorney directories and keep working in that front to remain in the top of the list.

Keeping the user convenience at the top
It is needless to say that you only have about 6 seconds to impress any online visitor and your site will need to create that magic within first 5 seconds of someone visiting your page. It is very important that you have a good server backing you, which has good amount of space and speed. This is a basic technique, which again gets missed easily. If your site takes time in opening, buffering and navigating, consider your share of traffic gone forever.

Providing value for time
This is basically in continuation of the previous point and it means that when a customer enters your site he should feel that he can add some value to his knowledge base. He should come across highly informative and engaging content, which has potential to bind him with the site. The fact is you cannot negate the importance of this point, if you are really concerned about nailing the best SEO for lawyer techniques. The visitor should feel that you know about your stuff through the articles present in your site, which will increase his trust in you and your services.

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