5 Tips Not to Damage Your Hair with a Straightener

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Straightening your hair can be very damaging to the strands. It can make your hair dry and the ends split a lot more easier than if you weren't using a hot iron against it. Though you don't have to completely kill your hair by making it look straight. There are tricks that you can do that will help it stay healthy and shiny, without breaking your budget on expensive salon products. All you need to know is the right products to use, and what you can do without them to make it stay healthy.

You can use a hair mask that will keep it shiny and smooth, and it will also work as a conditioner. Hair masks can be purchased anywhere that sells hair products, so you can pick a jar at even the local supermarket. If you want a really quality mask, then it would be best to check out a hair salon or even purchase it online. You keep the hair mask in your hair for as long as the directions say, and then rinse it out.

They also sell a spray that you can spray on before ironing your hair, so that it protects the hair from damage. All you do is spray it on your dry hair right before you straighten it, let it sit for about a minute or two, and then straighten like normal.

Another product just like this is a deep conditioner. You leave a deep conditioner on your hair for about thirty minutes and then rinse it out. You can get chemical treatments at a local beauty salon or school for a pretty fair price, or you can just do it yourself at home. Salons sell deep conditioner. It may be a little bit pricier, but it will be worth the price.

If you're looking for a better hair straightener that is great for the hair, and you don't have to go over the strands of your hair five times just to make it look straight, then it would be good to buy a Ghd straightener. They are better to use on the hair then a regular cheap straightener you find in department stores, and can be purchased online with free shipping.

However, if you don't have the money to buy anything better for your hair, then there are things you can do at home. One way is to naturally dry your hair, and give it a break from the hair dryer. If you're going to use a hot tool, try to just limit it to one a day.

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