5 Things To Consider When Choosing LifeStyle Lift

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With many different cosmetic procedures and products on the market, it is important to ask, what sets LifeStyle Lift apart? What things should you consider when choosing LifeStyle Lift to achieve that youthful appearance you deserve?

1. Recovery Time

One of the biggest concerns when considering any cosmetic procedure is the recovery time. Extreme procedures require significant down time to recover from surgery. The LifeStyle Lift procedure has been developed with a short recovery in mind. You can expect to fully recover and be ready to go back to work and resume full activity within about a week of your LifeStyle Lift.

Extreme facelift procedures can leave deep bruises, scaring, and incisions that need time to heal. If you are looking for limited down time after your procedure, LifeStyle Lift is your best choice.

2. Anesthesia

In any procedure, the use of anesthesia is always a concern. While risks associated with anesthesia are rare, they are serious. Not only could possible reactions to anesthesia be severe, but “going under” increases recovery time significantly and requires the use of a hospital, all of which increase cost and inconvenience.

LifeStyle Lift is a revolutionary procedure that produces amazing results without the need for general anesthesia. Local anesthetic and an oral relaxing medication are used so you are comfortable during the procedure, but you are awake the entire time. You no longer have to face the risks or the recovery associated with general anesthesia!

3. Price

LifeStyle Lift was developed to make amazing cosmetic results available to everyone, not just the wealthiest. The cost of a LifeStyle Lift is significantly lower than other cosmetic procedures because it doesn’t require a hospital stay, the procedure is quick, and recovery time is limited. Consider that additional costs are incurred with other procedures when you are required to take additional time off work. LifeStyle Lift also offers credit to qualified patients.

4. Quality Of Doctors

LifeStyle Lift takes great pride in the doctors certified to perform the procedure. From founder, Dr. David M. Kent to individual doctors throughout the country, every LifeStyle Lift doctor is listed on www.LifeStyleLift.com. Each doctor has a photo and complete list of specialties, education, and certifications. No other procedure offers such easy access to the credentials of their doctors. With LifeStyle Lift you can be sure your doctor is knowledgeable and skilled.

5. Proven Procedure

The final consideration when looking into cosmetic procedures is the effectiveness of each procedure. The LifeStyle Lift procedure has been preformed on over 120,000 people so far. Tens of thousands of people get a LifeStyle Lift every day. The before and after photos speak for themselves, but LifeStyle Lift patients will be the first to tell you how amazing the results have been! LifeStyle Lift is a proven, effective procedure that can restore your youthful appearance, just as it has for so many others!


Lifestyle Lift http://www.lifestylelift.com Founded by Dr. David Kent in 2001, The Lifestyle Lift® is a nationwide group of board-certified or board eligible facial plastic surgeons and plastic surgeons. Lifestyle Lift® doctors perform a unique, minimally-invasive facelift procedure. Call 1-877-820-7317 for more information

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