5 Suggestions For Properly Caring For Afro-American Hair

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To properly care for African-American hair, choose gentle, hydrating hair products; apply conditioners before you go swimming; never under-condition or over-shampoo; avoid products that contain synthetic oils; and be careful of the tips of your hair.

African American hair is unique compared to the more common and straighter hair type because of how the strands are structured which makes the hair more prone to dryness and hair breakage. Black hair can have more than double the number of cuticles or outside layers of hair when put against other racial group's hair. Because Afro-American hair is kinky it has a challenge to deliver the oils from the scalp to the ends of the hair shaft. Because of all these factors, it is advisable to use special hair products like Moroccan argan hair oil and follow a hair care regime that is specially suitable for African American hair. Here are some tips you can follow to properly take care of your African American hair.

Choose gentle and hydrating hair products

The products you use on your hair can go a long way, so invest in good quality hair products. Buy shampoos that are gentle and which have hydrating properties and a conditioner that has moisturizing ingredients such as jojoba oil, coconut oil and wheat germ. Completely massage the shampoo into your head, and don't forget to utilize conditioner every time after you've shampooed.

Prior to bathing and swimming at the beach or pool, it is essential to layer the hair with a coat of conditioner and water. If you want to protect your hair while swimming, you can apply conditioner to keep chlorine from infiltrating the hair shaft and damaging it. It is also advisable to rinse the hair with a small amount of club soda after swimming.

Too much of shampoo or not enough hair conditioner is not good for your hair

Conditioners as well as shampoos can be useful tools in achieving the hair results you want. Each person, though, should be careful not to overuse either. Shampoo overuse and too little conditioner will cause brittle and damaged hair. It is best to wash your hair just once a week, and make conditioning part of your daily routine otherwise. Rinse your hair very well using a combination of water and conditioner to take away any residue from styling products, dirt and grease. Apply a lot of conditioner on your hair, brush through, and wash thoroughly prior to styling it. Conditioners are especially important on warm and humid summer days.

Try not to utilize products that contain synthetic oil

Be discriminating with regard to the substances that you purchase and put on your hair. If oils are chemically produced, versus being naturally occurring, they can suck the moisture right out of your hair. Remember to avoid hairsprays and styling creams that contain drying alcohol.

Hair tips need special care and attention

The ends of your hair are prone to dryness which causes splitting. When you apply to your hair this mixture made from the combination of conditioner and natural oils, you will be able to properly take care of the tips of your hair by simply combing through to the ends of your hair. You're also capable of leaving this mixture on your hair for protection against other damaging elements in the environment, as well as protection from the sun.

If you think of your hair as your "crowning glory", you should be happy to learn the best products and regime to use which will achieve that "crowning" effect.

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