5 steps for an effective sms marketing campaign

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SMS marketing is a great way to promote your business but it is not always successful. We share some easy steps with you to ensure that your sms marketing campaign gives the desired results. Not many of us know that there is an organization named Institute of Practitioners in Advertising which gives some guidelines for sms marketing or mobile advertising to marketers. The guidelines are simple and if followed, can give fantastic results to your campaign. Some of the guidelines are captured here along with other important Mobile Marketing tips.

While setting up your campaign, take care to offer 'unsubscribe' feature to the target group just incase they are not interested in reading any more sms from your company. This gives the impression that you are not a spammer determined to flood people with boorish messages. The second most important step is to send sms only to 'Opted-in' target group. It is important to run a prior exercise to collect numbers of those who are interested in your product. It can be through your website, a seminar or maybe an e-mail campaign. If you send messages randomly, the chance of success is much less here. The good news is that in the US, SMS adoption is on the increase and it is projected that mobile marketing initiatives will be second only to social media advertisement campaigns in the coming years. It is not surprising to see the phenomenal growth that mobile marketing products are creating across the country. Marketers are expected to spend around US$561 million for mobile marketing campaigns.

Campaigns can go wrong if proper data guidelines and security procedures are not in place. Ensure that the marketing message that you send cannot be altered and misused. The response that you receive should contain customer information and privacy needs to be maintained. Consult with an attorney expert in marketing and advertising practice who can guide you with the rules before the campaign starts.

A marketer or a business promoter should know the boundaries and
limitations of mobile technology adoption. In the US, the adoption of latest mobile technology is high, so marketers can target an sms marketing campaign that is rich in content and pictures. This is just an example and analysis needs to be done with respect to your target group. Mobile marketing is a unique medium in the sense that mobile users can access the message instantly and reply in an instant. Therefore the content you send out should be easily consumable by the users. Another important tip to keep in mind is the budget. Small and medium sized companies have limited budgets for advertisement and marketing and it needs to be spread across mobile marketing, digital advertisement and finally the local radio station. The prospect data that you collect should be indexed in the right way in a CRM system. Only then you can get the real benefits of a mobile marketing campaign.

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