5 Reasons you should have an iPhone

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The iPhone is something that is marketed as being more than a phone. It offers multiple capabilities that people wish for in a device and so much more. The iPhone was originally released to the public by Apple over 3 years ago with a new version being released every year with changes in both style and functionality as well. Every year the device seems to get hotter and hotter while more people try to purchase them and hop on the band wagon.

One of the most appealing features of the iPhone is the ability to surf the web on it. How many times are you on the go and find yourself needing to look something up on the internet? The iPhone uses Apple's own browser, Opera, to allow users full access to the internet just like they were at home using a computer. The network is fast and operates on 3G which means more time is spent having fun and less waiting for web pages to load up. Individuals can also zoom in or out of the web pages to make reading easier.

For multimedia purposes, the iPhone supports music. It can be used as an mp3 player and a phone as well. People often want to keep all of their tasks simple and if they can get more than one function out of a device they will do so. The iPhone eliminates the need to have an iPod entirely. The music playback is enhanced because different visual information is relayed to the owner such as the album artwork which gives not only the artist name and song but the album the song is from as well. Music is easily downloaded from your computer through iTunes and then can be modified as you choose to do so. It is also possible to update your phone's collection as often as you do on your computer by simply plugging it in.

Multimedia is further increased with the fact that television and video are also included as part of the iPhone package. Video libraries, like music libraries, can be imported from iTunes and then watched at your leisure. The option to watch television stations on the device also make it incredibly popular and useful. Another added function is that people can listen to audiobooks if that is their choice method of entertainment. The possibilities are really endless with everything it has to offer.

The iPhone also supports email with both IMAP and POP servers which means any provider you need to use is supported. Some of these may include Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, or one directly through your internet service provider. If you're lucky you may have the function already built into the iPhone.

Last, but certainly not least, is the ability to synchronize between the iPhone and your computer. All of your contacts can be kept in one place and updated in every place needed through synchronizing. This ensures that all of the information you hold important is never out of date and convenience is maximized in the process.

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