5 Reasons to Consider the Destroyit 4107 Cross Cut Shredder

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There is shredding, and then there is "Shredding". The Destroyit 4107 is a heavy duty shredder that can handle just about anything any sized office can throw at it. There are not a lot of machines like it on the market, but just the same, we thought you might want to know some of the reasons that you might want to consider purchasing this amazing shredder.

  1. Capacity. Well, it is a high capacity shredder, after all. Just like any shredder worth its salt on the market, the 4107 can deal with paper, staples, and paper clips quite easily. Where this machine stands above most all the others, however is in its ability to shred compact discs, video tapes, paper that has been crumpled up, and astoundingly enough, hardbound books. Destroyit must have a lot of faith in this machine seeing as how they put the cutting shafts under a lifetime warranty.

  2. Safety. The 4107 features lock and key operation, meaning that this powerful shredder cannot run unless the user puts the key in the lock and turns it. If properly used, this will keep anyone who is not supposed to be using the shredder from even turning it on. Once it is on and running, there are lots of lights and indicators that let you know the operational status of the machine. There are also reverse and power cuts in case there is any kind of paper jam. The controls are simple to decipher and the control panel is easy to use. And last but not least, the cutting heads will stop automatically if anyone opens the cabinet that holds the shred bag, or when the bag (which holds an amazing seventy nine gallons) is full.

  3. Self Oiling. A lot of people aren't even aware that shredders need to be oiled from time to time and a high capacity machine like this one is going to need it more than your average office shredder. The oiling system for the 4107 is easy to get to, and easy to maintain, and the oil level is plain and easy to read. When you spend this much on a piece of equipment, you want to be able to maintain it and keep it running at top capacity, and the 4107's self oiling system makes it that much easier.

  4. Workspace. The 4107 comes equipped with side tables that you can attach and remove at will to create a staging area, or for people to work in teams (one feeding and the other piling). This is a machine that already was about as productive as a shredder can be, and this seemingly small addition just makes it that much more of a monster work machine.

  5. Power. The 4107's motor runs on three phase power and it is as powerful a shredder motor as you will find anywhere. This is a machine that can be used continuously, and even has a special thermal switch, so there is no reason to fear overheating.

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