5 Reasons to Consider the Dahle 20453 High Capacity Shredder

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As a high-capacity shredder that also offers FACTA-compliant Level 3 security cross cut shredding, the Dahle 20453 presents a higher security option for the busiest of mail rooms and other heavy use settings. Here are five good reasons why your organization should consider purchasing the Dahle 20453.

  1. Capacity. The 20453 presents itself as a high capacity shredder, and a high capacity shredder it most definitely is. With a stated ability of a rather impressive 85 sheets at a time, and a 4 horsepower motor giving you a remarkable throughput speed of 42 feet per minute, the 20453 gives you the possibility of shredding up to two tons of paper a day. That's two tons of paper, every single day. We feel safe in saying that is enough capacity for just about any paper shredding application.

  2. Security. It is always safer to do your own shredding than it is to give your private documents over to a shredding service. The 20453 offers you security Level 3 shredding, which means that it can handle the sensitive information of your employees and clients to the specifications of federal FACTA laws. These laws were put in place to combat rising levels of consumer fraud and identity theft, and businesses that don't adhere to them put themselves in danger of receiving heavy fines and of being held liable for any financial damage that results from sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. The 20453 offers you the ability to do an impressive amount of work and to do it in a way that satisfies federal regulations, protecting both your customers and your business in the process.

  3. Safety. With a machine as big and powerful as the 20453, you would be well advised to take a look at the machine's safety features. The 20453 features a lock and key system which prevents the machine from being used by anyone who is not authorized to do so. When you want to secure the machine for the night (or during any period of time that it is not being used) all you have to do is to turn the key, remove it, and keep it in a secure place.

  4. Build. Not only is the 20453 a rugged, all metal machine that is built to give you years of daily use, Dahle has built some convenience into the system by including three fold out tables on which you can store your stacks while shredding. Using these, you can implement an assembly-line type shredding system with two or more workers at a time.

  5. Cutting System. As you would find on any of Dahle's shredders, the cutting heads of the 20453 are milled from solid bars of the finest steel in the world. The cylinders are run by a slip-free chain and gear system that virtually eliminates the possibility of a paper jam. Dahle obviously has a world of faith in this system. They give you a lifetime warranty on the cutting heads of the 20453 and two years on the rest of the shredder. That's rather impressive for such a heavy use machine.

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