5 Reasons to Check Out the Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener

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Busy art departments, whether in the business world or in schools, need a versatile, accurate and powerful pencil sharpener on hand. The Dahle Premium Sharpener is just such a machine, intended for constant use, and easy to clean and maintain. Here are some great reasons that you should check out the Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener today.

1. Control. With the vast majority of pencil sharpeners out there, you just sort of stick your pencil in, turn the crank, and take what you get. The Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener, however, is a pretty remarkable little machine whose Automatic Cutting System gives you control over how sharp you want your lead to be. With its cool little dial, you can set the degree of sharpness anywhere from a blunt edged point to a super fine tip. When the tip is at your desired level of sharpness, the blades spin free from the pencil, meaning there is no way you can accidentally over sharpen. That's a great feature for artists who need different tips for different types of lines and shading. No more scribbling on scrap paper to get just the tip you need.

2. Durability. If there is anything that Dahle products are known around the word for, it is the high quality of their steel components. The Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener is no different, using a cutting system that employs blades that are milled from the best steel available in the world - that from the German city of Soligen. The best steel means the best blades, and what that means to you is years of faithful service from your Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener.

3. Easy to Clean. The Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener features a shavings cup that is transparent and very easy to clean. All you have to do is to slide out the cup and dump the shavings into the nearest trash receptacle. The removable blades of the Dahle Premium Sharpener are also remarkably easy to clean. You will never have to worry that softer lead types like those of colored pencils will collect in the blades and reduce the effectiveness of the sharpener over time. All in all, this is a heavy use sharpener that any and all all users can easily empty and clean as needed. That makes this high quality Sharpener perfect for even the busiest of professional or scholastic art departments.

4. Versatility. Like we said, the Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener is a commercial grade machine that can easily stand up to constant use my multiple users throughout the day. It can also fit just about any type of pencil in its extra wide opening, from your standard graphite to the oversized pencils that artists often use.

5. Portability... or not. This Sharpener can either be placed in a permanent spot with its mounting clamp, or can be moved around as needed. Its wide and sturdy build allow for tip free table placement, without losing any of the power and accuracy that you expect from a Dahle pencil sharpener. In our experiance this sharpener worked best when it was clamped down to a solid surface. However, we were also able to use this as a stand alone device.

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