5 Reasons to Check Out the Dahle 20814 Department Shredder

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Intended for use in the busiest office and copy and communication centers, the Dahle 20814 offers a nice combination of FACTA compliant security and high capacity. Here are 5 good reasons you should consider the 20814 for the shredding needs of your large office.
  1. Security. As a level 3 cross-cut paper shredder, the 20814 brings you into compliance with government regulations that mandate the destruction of the personal information of your employees, clients and customers. Put in place to help prevent identity theft and consumer fraud, these regulations are commonly referred to as the FACTA laws, and failing to adhere to them can bring heavy fines as well as the possibility of liability claims. The 20814 produces shreds of 1/8" by 1 9/16" which is enough to satisfy the mandates of the regulations, and to give your business the level of security it needs.
  2. Capacity. Often times you will find that the higher security a shredder offers, the lower its capacity is going to be. With the 20814, however, you get the best of both worlds. With its stated capacity of 18 sheets of paper at a time, and its 2 Hp motor running at an impressive clip of 50 feet per minute, the 20814 gives your large and busy office, copy room, or communications center the possibility of shredding from 2,000 to 12,000 sheets per day, every day. The 20814 is rated for continuous use, meaning that there is almost no shredding job that it can't handle.
  3. Superior Cutting System. Instead of the stacked cutting knives that so many other shredder employ (which can bend and bow over time, leading to decreased capacity and paper jams), the 20814 employs razor sharp cutting cylinders that are milled from a single bar of solid German steel. These cylinders are connected to a gear and chain system that provides slip free operation and the ability to simply power through most potential paper jams. You won't have to worry about having to remove staples or paper clips from your documents either. The 20814 handles them with ease. Dahle obviously takes great pride in these remarkable cutting blades, as they offer a lifetime warranty on them. The rest of the 20814 comes with a two year warranty.
  4. Large Bin. The 20814 has a shred bin that is an impressive 35 gallons, meaning that you will have to empty is much less often than you would your average shredder. Also, changing the shred bins on some machines can be a rather messy and unpleasant process, but it couldn't be simpler on the 20814. All you do is slide out the box, and take the waste to its final destination. If you use shred bags with the bin, you can empty the shredder and continue shredding in seconds.
  5. Optional Oiling System. As important as it is, maintenance is something that not a lot of shredder users think about, and if you pick up the 20814's optional oiling system, you won't have to think about it very often either. You simply attach the system and the 20814 oils itself. All you need to do is to change the bottle when it is empty. If you don't opt for this system you can always manually oil the system to maintain optimal machine performance.

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