5 Photoshop Freelance Tips For Making Money With Your Digital Photos

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One of the best photo editing software programs on the market today is Adobe Photoshop. The program provides every tool that you may need to edit your photos and is relatively simple to use. Undoubtedly the software is somewhat pricey however there are a variety of ways you can recoup your initial investment. If you take the time to become familiar with the program and have a bit of creativity you can make quite a bit of money using Photoshop.

Here are 5 Photoshop Freelance tips that can be helpful if it is your goal to make money freelancing using your skills with Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop Freelance Tip 1) Starting a photo restoration service is one of the first options you should consider. There is a definite market for this service. Most people are holding on to photos that have been damaged either through moisture, sunlight or wear and tear. Older photos are considered priceless by many people and those people will pay the price necessary to have them fixed. Using your skills with Photoshop you can restore old photos and, in the process, make yourself a lot of money. The tools necessary for this type of work include the healing brush tool, the spot healing brush tool, and patch tools. Photoshop allows you to repair and turn any old or damaged photograph into something that looks new.

Photoshop Freelance Tip 2) Becoming a photo doctor is another service that you could look into. Fixing red eye, pet eye, even the "finger over lenses" syndrome are jobs that photo doctors regularly do. You can also adjust poor lighting, poor exposure, and dark photographs. These problems can easily be fixed using Adobe Photoshop. Obviously you can charge high fees for this type of technical work. Turning colored photos to black and white or even black and white to color or sepia is another type of job you can accomplish. Most people are point and shooters and not in the professional photographer category and by offering your services as a photo doctor you can be assured that you will never be short of clients seeking your help.

Photoshop Freelance Tip 3) You can also enhance existing photos using the tools in Photoshop. Add photos to greeting cards, post cards or other items using Photoshop. Convert existing photos to sketches or paintings or even combine multiple photos and create panoramas and group shots. You can create birthday cards, condolence cards, get well soon cards and Christmas cards.

Photoshop Freelance Tip 4) T-shirt design is one more way you can earn money using Photoshop. With a bit of creative thinking you can come up with some great T-shirt designs and make a good bit of money. To increase the amount of money you can make you will probably want to invest in a color printer, photo paper, digital camera, and scanner.

Photoshop Freelance Tip 5) Hopefully I have shown you the many ways you can make money using Adobe Photoshop. Whether you choose photo restoration or T-shirt design there are many opportunities to use your Photoshop talents to make money. Keep my tips in mind and you can definitely be assured of a new source of income by using Adobe Photoshop.

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