5 Ideas Of Gifts I Bet Your Dad Will Appreciate!

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I'm going to share with you 5 ideas. But before we talk about them, let me rephrase what we already knew. We should change the "Men like practicality, so give your dad something practical" into "Men like practicality, so give your dad something practical and SPECIAL!"

You got it? Great! Let's begin.

Idea #1: Give your dad your hand-made gift

What I mean when I say so?

I mean not only your dad, but also everyone who cares about you will appreciate your hand-made gifts. I'm talking about your mom, your brothers, sisters, your close friends, or your special-one.

I still remember the special feeling when my girl friend gave me her hand-made gift. I couldn't express it...

The advantage of this idea is your dad will love your gift (100% guaranteed) and you lose nothing! It just requires you some work. And your gift can be everything that you can make. A gift card, a picture, a special dinner with the whole family, etc.

Idea #2: Give your dad something that can help him with his passions

Does your dad love playing golf? Or he loves repairing things himself?

Whatever it is, you can give him a helping hand. this idea is to identify his interests and passions, and see if you can give him something so he can do them better.

For example, if your dad is an DIY enthusiast, why not give him a full box of repairing tools? He will appreciate it! Remember, he still loves practicality!

Idea #3: Simply give your dad a helping hand when he needs

It's as simple as that!

Fact is, when I help my dad with everyday activities ,things like washing the dishes, or cleaning the floor, especially when he comes back home after a working day, it's truly a relief! But here's another fact, my mom helps me a lot!

Idea #4: Just be a good person and do your best, that's what your parents want

Don't believe?

My dad, he once said "to see you grow up into a strong and matured man, I feel so proud..."

Although I know I have many things waiting for me ahead, but I also know what he said is really by heart! Let's face it, if you were a dad someday, wouldn't you feel the same?

Again, this is a free solution, but it requires your discipline, your determination, and your best!

Idea #5: Give your dad something that he can bring along everyday

OK, sorry if I make you think so much!

The secret of this idea is simple. Give him something that he can bring along everyday. So that he will appreciate it every moment.

And that's exactly what I did when I brought my dad a beautiful watch. The Citizen Calibre 2100 AV0031-59A watch. To be honest, I love that watch too, but I also love my dad, so I brought it to him. And you know what, my dad liked it very much!

And if you're interested in it, why not have a break and visit my squidoo lens http://www.squidoo.com/citizen-calibre-2100-av0031-59a-watch I wrote a nice review about it, and I know your dad would love it as well!

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