5 Home Remedies That Can Help You Sleep Better

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In this day and age, we have to deal with numerous sleep issues. Insomnia is arguably the most common. People have trouble inducing or sustaining sleep. And because sleep is an important part of our existence, the lack of sleep can immediately comprise your body's core functions.

Promoting better sleep becomes easier with the help of some home remedies. Since antiquity, these remedies were already used as treatments for common sleep concerns. You can try the following treatments:

1. Use traditional Chinese medicinal treatments. These usually involve herbal brews. Tea is an important part of Chinese medication. You can try drinking lavender or chamomile tea an hour before sleeping.

Chamomile and lavender has soothing properties. These herbs are also capable of alleviating tension, stress and anxiety. Calming the body and mind is one step in inducing sleep.

2. Try using Kava. This primarily relieves muscle tension. If you are stressed out from a day of working and your body cannot get used to a good sleep position because of muscle pains, try this remedy. This herb also has mild sedative properties so you can have deeper sleep. Experts said deep sleep has restorative or healing benefits.

3. St John's Wort - This herb primarily prolongs a good sleep cycle. Just like Kava, it also makes sure that you are getting deep sleep very night.

4. California poppy - This herb has a mild sedative property that can calm the body and the mind. This also treats brain fatigue. You can take this in tincture or pill form.

5. Wild lettuce - This type of lettuce can induce sleep because of its sedative properties. You can make a salad with wild lettuce in it. For your convenience, you can also try taking this in tincture or pill form.

Home remedies for insomnia are really helpful. However, you should also seek a holistic approach in treating this problem. Your body can sustain permanent damages as a result of chronic loss of sleep.

Make sure you are eating right. Calcium deficiency can trigger insomnia. You should drink a glass of milk right before hitting the sack. Eat a fair serving of fruits and vegetables every meal.

Make sure you spend at least an hour preparing your body to bed. Take a warm bubble bath to relax tired muscles, watch a good movie or read a good book. Diaphragmatic breathing also helps calm the body and the mind. These simple things can effectively improve your sleep pattern.


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