5 Great Internet Marketing Tips to Create Content For Your Online Business

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5 Great Internet Marketing Tips to Create Content For Your Online Business

Previously, I have written about what you need to do in order to find useful topics to write about, of which you can use to create content for your online business. However, it's no use whatsoever, if all you do is have great ideas. So in this article what I would like to show you is how you can take these great internet marketing ideas and turn them into high traffic producing content.

From my experience, I would say that almost all of the Internet Marketers I know, have had, at some point, some really great content producing ideas, but don't always act on them to produce the quality content they need. And there, my friends, lies the problem. If you have been internet marketing your online business for any length of time, you will understand just how easy it is to become distracted from your immediate task.

It's so easy to find something else to do, and let's face it, unless you enjoy writing (and the majority of people I talk to don't), then it can seem very tedious and quite laborious, so we procrastinate and continually put it off.

So take note as I share my 5 great internet marketing tips to create content for your online business below:

1. Set Yourself a Realistic Content Producing Target.

Set a target to produce a regular amount of content, and I would break it down to a daily target. That could mean producing Articles, Videos, or even writing an email. Whatever you decide, do it every day. You could easily produce a daily worksheet (m/soft excel
spreadsheet for example) where you lay out your plan day by day. Such as produce a video on Monday. Write an Article on Tuesday. Place an ad on Wednesday etc, etc, I'm sure you get the picture.

But make sure you keep it realistic - work out how much time you can commit to producing your content and then plan accordingly. Check out my blog for a FREE Daily Worksheet Download to guide you.

2. Decide in Advance What Your Subject Matter Will be.

Don't expect ideas to simply flow into your head. Do some research (you will need to plan this into your daily schedule) and establish what you will create your content about.

Internet marketing is crammed with many marketers who simply fail to understand this one basic content creation technique, and regularly experience the phenomonen of "writers block" within their online business. You can head on over to my blog and check out my other posts on content creation to understand this better.

3. Plan Your Content Creation Time Effectively.

This will obviously vary, depending on your individual circumstances. But realistically this doesn't matter anyway, as you can create your own individual plan which works comfortably for YOU.

I find my most creative time is early in the morning, when my mind is clear and I am not distracted by anything. I also find that it gives me a great sense of achievement knowing
that I have already achieved my content goals for the day, right at the very beginning,which then allows me to focus on my other internet marketing objectives for my online business to move forward.

Oh yeh, one more tip - always have a notebook and pen with you so that you can make a quick note whenever ideas come into your head, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Certainly if you fail to capture these ideas at the very point of origin, you will most likely lose them forever.

4. Start Your Content Creation Calendar.

Most computer programs these days, include a method of producing a daily task list which can automatically remind you of what your tasks are for that particular day, right down to NOW! So make use of this to produce your content creation calendar. Which should cover EXACTLY what you want to create and when you should create it. You can be very specific and clear with this. DO NOT give ANY room for procrastination.

What this does to your subconscious mind is fantastic. You see; when you write stuff down that you want to do, your subconscious mind takes it in and begins devising ways for you to do it AUTOMATICALLY. (Visit my Blog to read some great info on why this is). Whether you have written it on a piece of paper, or typed it out into a word document on your computer, doesn't matter. So make sure you commit to this on a daily basis.

5. Always Reward Yourself.

Having an internet marketing business can lead to a fantastic lifestyle, but it can also be a lonely business to run. As your online business will probably be run from the comforts of your own home (initially anyway) however, don't make it into a big deal, make sure you reward yourself when you reach your goals, no matter how small they maybe. This is a great way to ensure you stay motivated to do the things you need to do in your online business to achieve the life you desire.

So there you have it, my 5 great internet marketing tips to create content for your online business. I hope that you find them helpful, and above all else, that you find the success
you deserve.

All the best.

Jon Leuty is a successful internet marketer who is dedicated to helping others succeed online. To find out more about Jon and to grab some awesome FREE training & FREE gifts go to whoisjonleuty.com

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