5 games for the iphone with beautiful graphics

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Appleís iPhone is still one of the best sold and most sought-after phones on the market, despite having a quite small screen resolution and size. The 3GS has a very good processor and enough space for anything you want, plus the version 3.0 of the OS is a lot better than the previous ones. But what really makes it a good choice for anyone is its huge selection of applications, from music players to games to photo editors, the iPhone marketplace has it all.

Even if the iPhone is a bit lacking in the business apps area, itís an excellent phone for entertainment. You can watch any movies and listen to music and it will seem like youíre doing it on a laptop or something. Itís that good. Now, about the games: they are fantastic on this phone!

It looks like most of the games are designed to take full advantage of everything the iPhone has to offer, and that makes it an even better choice for mobile gaming than even the Play Station Portable!

Here is a list of the most beautiful iPhone games Iíve ever seen. You have to check them out to understand just how good they are.

5 games for the iPhone with beautiful graphicsNeed for Speed. This is one of the best racing games ever, whether itís on a personal computer, gaming console, portable gaming console or a phone (itís already on the iPhone and will soon be available for Android). I think everyone knows by now what Need for Speed is (itís even in the name!), and this game doesnít disappoint even on the iPhone Ė it has some of the greatest-looking cars and surroundings possible. Racing games will probably never get old, only evolve, and in the iPhone version of the Need for Speed Shift, youíve got a choice of over 20 cars and race tracks to choose from, so itíll be quite a while until you get tired of it.

5 Games for the iPhone with Beautiful GraphicsColorix. This is an amazing Tetris-like game, which features rolling crystal orbs instead of falling blocks. Itís great fun playing it and it must be infinitely replayable, as you donít seem to ever get tired of playing it. Trying to match those orbs can even grow into an obsession. And they look very, very well Ė almost like theyíre real, plus the backgrounds are also amazing. Itís a great way to spend any time when youíre bored (when waiting in line at a store, for example).

5 Games for the iPhone with Beautiful GraphicsBejeweled 2. This is one of the greatest puzzle games for any platform. Hundreds of millions of people have downloaded it, and the count still goes on. Itís a seemingly simple gem-matching game, yet it draws you in so much, youíll never notice how a few hours fly by. Itís very addictive and has a high replay value. The 2nd version has an interesting new game mode named Bejeweled Blitz, where you are given only one minute to match as many gems as possible, after which you are presented with your score. You just have to play it yourself to understand what everyone is talking about.

5 Games for the iPhone with Beautiful GraphicsArmageddon Squadron. This is a superb flight simulator and shooter for the iPhone and Android phones. You are put in the cockpit of the greatest planes of World War 2 and are sent on a lot of cool missions, from searching for submarines and fighting other planes to bombing land bases and battleships. The armament is quite impressive, too, and it will help achieve your goals. The only bad thing is that the iPhone 3GSí accelerometer is just too sensitive, so you pretty much have to play the game sitting or standing straight.

5 Games for the iPhone with Beautiful GraphicsToonWarz. The last game on this list is a great First Person Shooter, with an interesting storyline and a lot of wacky and crazy characters. Itís a great way to spend time and itís got very nice graphics, plus a multiplayer mode for when you want to skirmish with other iPhone users.

There are many other simply great looking games for the iPhone Ė you just have to search for them on the marketplace. The iPhone can seriously be the end for the Nintendo DSi and the Sony PS

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