5 Fun-filled Activities for Distressed Teenagers

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Troubled Teens are vulnerable to carrying out acts that could be dangerous to themselves as well as the persons surrounding them. Many troubled teenagers exhibit aggressive or frustrated behaviors. There are a variety of activities which can function as therapy or even an outlet for troubled adolescents.

Group-oriented activities

Several boarding educational facilities that specialize in counseling distressed adolescents integrate sports activities that focus on team-building into their educational program. Team sporting activities can really help build confidence in every participant and also teach the value of working as a team and collaborating with other people. Some examples of team-oriented activities are basketball, football, hockey and baseball. Another good thing regarding sports is that the teen likes having fun and acquiring a new ability.

Charity or volunteer work

Oftentimes, troubled adolescents receive negative attention from people around them. Encouraging at-risk teens to get involved in volunteer work as well as other charity activities will help them to consider matters in a different way. They're offered an opportunity to execute something positive for other individuals and feel that they could also accomplish something good in their lives. Volunteer tasks also assist to bring up teenagers to the local community they are helping and to cultivate empathy and generosity inside them. Nearly all community or neighborhood are looking out for volunteers for charity groups or functions; these include blood drives, homeless shelters and soup kitchens.

Adventure therapy

Wilderness therapy programs or wilderness therapy is a fantastic avenue to learn the values of responsibility, leadership and also self-reliance. Adventure therapy can also provide their participants a change of surroundings and allow them to think about their lives while in the company of caring and constructive individuals. There are many camps that incorporate adventure therapy. In some programs, adolescents receive responsibilities and tasks that can impact the group as a whole. This will proficiently teach teens to be dependable and help them to realize that the actions they make will have an effect on the people around them.

Trust falls

Trust falls are quite typical in team-building activities. At times, troubled adolescents feel indifferent from their families and acquaintances. They may experience rejection, betrayal or even misunderstanding from the people surrounding them. This frequently leads to the teenager losing trust in others. Trust falls intend to rebuild trust. This exercise is conducted by having a youngster climb onto a table or other stand. Other participants are instructed to form 2 lines near the platform, holding each other's hands firmly and ready to catch the teenager. The teenager atop the table will either be asked to close his or her eyes or blindfolded after which fall backward into the group of teenagers below. This exercise will help the teen understand the importance of trusting other people.

Art classes

Making art is probably the oldest methods of self-expression and even distressed youngsters can make use of this activity. Sending teenagers in art classes or workshops can give them a vent for their frustrations and bad sentiments. There are various art mediums that the teenager could study or use to convey themselves like painting, sketching as well as sculpting.

Aside from these activities, the teenager's parents, school counselors and peer groups should also strive to give the troubled youth support and positive influence and help them to cope with whatever issues they are going through.


Written by Patricia Strasser. For more details on ways to assist Troubled Teens, go to http://www.parentingteens.com

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