5 ethical practices that can help reduce your companies CO2 emissions

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Solar Panels

In this article we run down 5 easy exercises to implement into your business to help reduce your companies’ carbon emissions:

1. Solar Panels – Many large businesses with high net profit should look to invest in solar panels in a bid to reduce their environmental impact. The reason this is primarily aimed at large corporations is because there are high potential CSR benefits and they are likely to have the revenue to implement such a change. Larger organisations also find it easier to be influencers/trend-setters that may get competitors, clients and customers involved.

One company making such a change will not solve the problem of excessive CO2 emissions; it has to be a collective push from everyone. Also there are great benefits for the owners of solar panels which include reduced bills, incentive schemes and the positive publicity which comes with such CSR efforts.

2. Recycle – This is a process that every company, no matter how large or small, should look to address. There are so many different ways to recycle and there is more help than ever to make the task as easy and painless as possible. Simple tasks can include recycling your paper, ink cartridges and other disposables.

Some companies are now prepared to reward you with money for taking part in recycling schemes which could include recycling things such as batteries, CD’s and mobile phones. This is a great incentive for recycling the materials that are deemed surplus to business requirements.

3. Consider allowing employees to work from home one day a week – Many may not like the sound of this at first, but think how much of an impact it could make if you are a large corporation who employs 50+ people in your company. Many people wish to drive to work, and with the cost of petrol and oil going up, the harm to environment is only going to increase.

Sustainability is not the only benefit of allowing your employees to work from home, many believe that allowing your employees this flexibility boosts morale, confidence and motivation and can mean a more positive work ethic towards the job in hand.

4. Switch off equipment – This is such an easy exercise to implement in to your business, but I think we are all guilty of not doing our upmost to ensure we keep things turned off when they are not being used. This includes lights, televisions, computers, laptops, air-conditioning units; anything electrical. Also ensure things are not left on standby mode.

Not only will this help save our environment and help reduce our carbon footprint, but it will also help you to cut the cost of your bills, which could total to quite an amount.

5. Use Digital Document Software – There will be no need to recycle paper and cartridges if you look to adapt to this process (well you won’t have to recycle as much anyway). There are a broad range of digital document softwares on the market that allow you to communicate and sign off work, without the hassle of printing off proposals, documents or e-mails. Some of these include Google Docs, EcoSign and Basecamp which are forms of software that allow you to effectively and quickly communicate both internally and externally on behalf of your business.

Solar Panels

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