5 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips

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Last Tangle Salon in Washington is one of Washington, DC's top-rated salons since 1983, catering to busy Washington professionals. We know the importance of your time and have a reputation for professionalism and punctuality. We're also a fun and friendly team. We are conveniently located at 19th and M Streets, NW in the heart of the Golden Triangle DC Business District and within close walking distance to the Dupont Circle and Farragut North Metro stations. We are proud to celebrate out 22nd Anniversary. British-born owner Bruce Marks brings his years of experience and international work to the salon, having worked with Vidal Sassoon in London and having worked in salons in Manhattan, London, Canada, and Washington, DC. Bruce has also owned salons in Bermuda and Alexandria, VA. He has hosted radio and television shows dealing with hair styling and skin care. Last Tangle Salon in Washington is a top-notch, friendly, and fun team of highly experienced styling, skin care and nail professionals, with international training, experience and flair.

Bruce with Last Tangle Salon shares some summer hair tips in this podcast.

Q ' Now that summer is here how should someone treat their hair?
People often complain of frizzy and dry hair in the summer. I recommend a heavy moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that seals the hair and keeps it healthy and shinny. One product I specifically recommend is Moroccan Oil, you put this on while the hair is still wet it seals the hair and protects it from the humidity. Also, like sunscreen protects your skin, it is a good idea to wear a hat in the summer to protect your hair.

Q ' What to do for swimmers?
Whether it is salt water at the beach or a swimming pool with chlorine, both are very damaging to the hair. You need to make sure that as soon as you get out of the water you rinse all the chorine or salt water from your hair and as soon as possible use a shampoo that stripes out all the chemicals from the hair. There are shampoos that are specially designed to strip hair of chlorine. Aloe Rid, a Nexxus product, is one of the products we recommend to strip the chemicals from your hair.

Q- If you are a swimmer with heavily dyed hair do you recommend staying away from chlorine?
Obviously anyone who already has chemicals in their hair, chemical colors, rinses, etc., that type of hair is defiantly more porous, so your hair is going to be more susceptible to soaking up the salt and the chemicals. Number one, what I would do is saturate your hair with water and then put a heavy conditioner on your hair and that acts as a barrier from the elements. Summer is a long period of time and a lot of damage can be done. So, if you value your hair or the condition of your hair, you want to spend a little extra time and make sure you protect it.

Q ' What's new this summer for cutting and styling?
It depends of course on the client, the shape of the face, their body type, but short hair cuts are in now. For example, for a longer face, you've got to look at the features and see what the perfect balance for that face is. Bangs, for example, could make the face look less long. The bangs could be solid, they could be fringing or they could be wispy. I love bangs on peoples hair I think it is much prettier. Bangs can be swept across and swept away, so you got the choice. If you can wear a short hair cut and willing to try something new they are easier and fun. Hair dressers love to cut short hair. That's not to say we can't work with long hair. Long hair is great, as long as it's healthy, but you have to spend a lot more time with long hair. Long hair takes a lot more of an investment. You can't have long hair that is out of condition you've got to spend the time. A short hair cut looks great! This summer I am recommending a lot of short hair cuts to my clients. If they don't have a short hair cut and they get one it makes them feel great. When you get the client in the chair that is when the stylist is going to look at the client and say, 'I've been looking at clients for many, many years and this is what I recommend. This is the best balance for you.' I think everyone is looking for a change. If the stylist can inspire the client and say look how about a change, I think the client is looking for that and not looking for the same old thing.

Q ' It sounds like you and the stylists are very experienced.
We have about 14-15 stylists here and all of them have about 20 to 30 years of experience behind them, so we are a salon that is very versatile in colors and cuts and making sure the client goes out with the right hair cut.

Q ' How do you find a new stylist?
Well you know we are in Washington D.C. and it is somewhat transient. You have clients that come and go. They have been here a couple of years on a contract and then they say you know what I hate to leave you but I'm going to another city and so forth and what we recommend is finding people in the new city and asking them, 'I love your hair cut where do you get it done?' Or you can go to salon that is convenient and ask the receptionist if you can sit in the lobby and look at some hair magazines. Look at the work that is being done and if you see someone walking out of the salon with hair cut that is similar to something you like then ask, 'who did that style, because that is what I am looking for.' Or what I recommend my clients do when they leave is to take a photo of the last hair cut that we do and then bring that along. Stylist's love an idea of what you had and what you're looking for and that way you are not leafing through photographs trying to find what you normally wear. Finding a new stylist can be stressful like trying to find a new dentist or a new doctor. If someone comes to us that are new we are only too delighted to say, 'Ok do you have a photo of a style you like or can you give me an idea?' We are certainly willing to work with you.

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