5 Easy Ways to Fix Dry Hair

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Dry hair has inadequate moisture with a dull appearance. Dry hair is caused by many factors. Your hair might be naturally dry due to genetics or it could be as a result of environmental/lifestyle factors. Fortunately, there are several products such as Moroccan hair oil and other treatments specifically made for dry hair care. Some among the alternate methods to fix dry hair are:

Don't apply hair color too frequently

Coloring the hair does not cause any issue for some women, however, sometimes it can cause the hair to become dry or brittle usually if any bleaching is done. It is best not to color your hair until it is healthier but if you must do it, then make sure to use a natural or gentle color.

Avoid too much heat when styling

Blow drying, styling your hair with heating curling rods, combs and flat irons are very common; However, these gadgets can make your hair dry. Heat is damaging to the hair and can strip off its much needed moisture. It is not good to use heat styling devices on your hair all the time. You may opt to avoid daily use of devices that style your hair with heat if you are noticing that your hair lacks luster and has become brittle. You can also experiment with alternative styling options such as wet wraps, wet sets and air drying which are milder alternatives to heat styling.

When sleeping, your hair should be protected

You may be unaware of this but while you are asleep, your hair rubs against the material of your bed linens and some fabrics such as cotton can dry your hair. Your hair can be protected by putting on a soft silk or satin night cap. You also have the option of exchanging your pillowcases and bed sheets for those of a similar type of fabric.

Don't shampoo excessively

Your hair can turn to be dry. Thanks to the over-shampooing of your hair which in turn results the hair being divested of their natural oils and moderate amount of wetness. During the hot summer or if you work out regularly, it is often hard to avoid constant shampooing because it is necessary to remove dirt and sweat from your scalp and hair. One way to combat the damage of over-shampooing is to give your hair regular applications of conditioner.

Use hair conditioner once a day

Washing the hair with conditioner keeps it smooth and soft. If you have noticed that your hair is dry, a deep conditioning treatment can restore some of its natural moisture. Deep conditioning doesn't have to really mean you use a hood dryer. Simply apply a liberal amount of deep conditioner to your hair and cover it with a plastic cap for a few hours. If your hair is severely dry, try using a penetrating hair conditioner every week.

If your hair is dry, it doesn't have to be hard to care for it. In some cases, keeping your hair healthy and gorgeous is a simple matter of using the right types of products for your hair.


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