4th Generation Ipod Touch

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There is no denying the fact that 4th Generation iPod Touch is going to be one of the most popular gifts of 2010, and the trend is going to remain the same even in 2011. Apple's iPod Touch 4G is loaded with amazing features and that is one of the big reasons why it's the third hottest selling product at Amazon.com.

The first noticeable thing in this 4th Generation iPod Touch is its striking resemblance with Apple's iPone4. Though it doesn't come with 3G mobile phone technology, a person can still make use of Wi-Fi to access the internet. Not only this, some other features are also there to inspire holiday shoppers to place an order.

Take for example the overall display of this iPod. It comes with a Retina Display of 3.5inches. This is enough to give you a great viewing experience while playing your multimedia files. However, the fascinating thing is that when you hold it in your hand, this gadget feels incredibly thin, and is lightweight too - it weighs 101g only. Speaking of multimedia, you can also find a front facing VGA camera for Facetime video calling, for which you make use of Apple ID or email. Additionally, with a 720p video recording capabilities and iMovie editing, this becomes a fully loaded device as far as multimedia functionalities are concerned.

In addition to these particular features, the availability of A4 processor is another important feature to rave about. The storage capacity is now extended from 8GB to 64GB, which is quite like what you find in 2007 PCs. The only thing is that though it uses A4 processor, it offers RAM of no more than 256MB, which is not like most of the smart phones available today. Even with all this, you are still going to see it working pretty fast.

A gadget that offers so many features should work well in one department, and that's battery. Since it is no longer a device that is all about listening

to your favorite music, it has to come with great battery to allow you to make use of its features. Fortunately, this 4th Generation iPod Touch offers a good battery life, which is around 40 hours. So, now you don't have to worry about anything while using its camera, playing or recording movies, or listening to your favorite songs. The only thing that may be annoying for users is that though you can always use a set of clicker earphones with this device, Apple doesn't include it in the package. You'll have to spend some extra cash for this. Other than this, 4G iPod is something you can always buy as a gift for someone you love.

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