4G Mobile Broadband Reviewed

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Currently the HTC EVO 4G is Sprint's initial mobile phone that uses 4G mobile broadband.

But it's the promise of Sprint's 4G wireless service, with the potential to get fast download speeds and browse the Web as fast as on a desktop PC, that really sets the HTC EVO 4G apart.

Then again, what is 4G?

4G undoubtedly isn't just one thing. It frankly stands for 4th Generation Cellular Standards. It is the successor of the 3G and 2G families of standards.

When compared to the actual Wi-Fi and 3G service, the 4G mobile broadband does not need any kind of hot spots or routers. Virtually all that is required is the WiMAX tower within distance and these towers have a very large unexpected range.

However, the 4G mobile phone network includes a family of technology that generates a much quicker data connection to your individual cell phone. Exactly how much faster depends on one's own cellular phone, carrier as well as the transmission settings and more. But then, 4 to 6X is a pretty good rule of thumb. This means having broadband in your hands that is quite frankly as fast as what you already get at your home.

In fact, with 4g technologies, you can get downloads available with up to one hundred Mbps of speed capacity; especially for on-line streaming data files; such as video clips by yourtube or broadcast videos from CNN. 4G technology claims to deliver quicker speeds, far better steady connection, streamlined internet based usage, easy access and uninterrupted web connection signals. The 4G broadband technology will even make it easier to acquire internet right from the mobile phones as well as via a lot of internet enabled technology.

But yet, in order to receive 4g advantages, you will need a new cell phone. An individual's ideal choice so far is the HTC EVO 4G; that runs on Sprint. The EVO 4G has a spacious screen, is very fast, and has dual cameras for video calling, but the 4G mobile broadband it runs on is only in a few big cities so far. Sprint is planning to add 100 more by the end of 2010; while Verizon and AT&T will make their 4G presence established towards the end of 2010 or early 2011.

You will also pay out more for data files on a 4G phone in comparison to whichever plan you are on today with 3G.

4G mobile broadband is definitely a major step forward for services; especially for streaming video and video calling; which has so far struggled. However ,, video calling is an evolution you might have to wait a little longer for. However, despite this, the 4G wireless broadband opens cutting edge potentials regarding accessing the internet.

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