4 Ways to Rid Emotional Eating

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Face it, at the end of the day, weight loss is really about body esteem, not the food you put in your mouth. Once you make an emotional shift, you're going to be successful beyond measure long term. If you think it's simply eating less and exercising more without making the acceptable mental shift, you're going to stay in the vicious yo-yo cycle of gaining and losing weight, that I'm sure you're accustomed to.

So what is required before you can really conquer your weight that's plagued you for all this time?

First, you have to have a conversation with yourself. A good long sit down conversation MAKING THE CHOICE that you are a beautiful human being who is praiseworthy of living in the absolute greatest body known to man. You deserve the best life you can possibly have and a fine-looking figure.

Next you have to visualize your body goal. You must be able to clearly see yourself as lean. If this means grabbing a picture of yourself and blacking out your love handles, hips, and muffin top, then do that. If it means finding a body that is beautiful and realistic to your body shape that you see in a magazine and pasting your head on top of this image, then great. Make sure you have a clear idea of what you can look like and it will come to being.

Third is that you have to know that every day isn't going to be a wonderful day. Even the most committed and self-aware person on the planet will find a slice of cheesecake irresistible. If you know that setbacks are going to crop up and are part of life, you can release any perfectionism and see your emotional eating, binge-eating, or overeating as an opportunity to reaffirm your self-esteem. If you can just say 'yes, I fell off the wagon with this meal, NEXT' then just move on to your next meal in the naturally thin manner you've grown accustomed, and you will move yourself out of any pessimism. This will prevent you from flushing your fantastic results down the toilet. There's no such thing as blowing it when this way of eating and living is the way you are choosing to live forever. Remember that!

Fourth is to begin veering away from soothing yourself with food. Emotional eating is all about feeling hungry emotionally when you are really looking for love, comfort or companionship. Ask yourself 'what am I really needing?' Addressing your needs with a weight loss coach or utilizing your support system will help you examine the areas of your life which you need greater fulfillment. Be honest with yourself and you will really get to the bottom of your emotional eating.

Bottom Line: There are a million excuses you can use to keep yourself trappedand overweight. Learning to love yourself by making the resolve that you are worthy of being thinner, more beautiful, and most important happier, is a decision worth making.

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