4 Tactical Tips for Press Releases

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Most of the press release advice you'll hear is very repetitive. Be newsworthy, format correctly, use your inverted pyramid, etc. This sort of press release guidance is great for those new at this way of marketing websites, but if you're well past that stage you might be wondering how to amp up the value you get from your press releases. Today we help out with just that - looking at 4 little known tactical tips for press release submission and marketing.
1. Pay attention to the time
There are more people looking at news sites in the morning than the evening - they're catching up with what happened overnight before starting their work at 9am; at 4pm they're trying to fend off the sleepies, and thinking about dinner! Submit your press release so that it will hit Google News and the front page of the press release sites in the morning.
2. Tell Google about it!
It's that old piece of advice - if you don't ask, you won't get. You can actually ask Google News to index your news area, by going to the News Contact area of their Support section, and clicking on the link that says ‘I'd like to suggest a news source'. If you don't tell Google News that your piece belongs in their News section, it will just go in the regular index. Search engines aren't that smart yet!

3. Use URLwire
These site announcements are indexed by every major search engine within a day or so, and are considered to be better quality because there are fewer announcements.
4. Tuesday and Wednesday rule
Submit your stories to Google News on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. In the same way that Tuesdays are the cheapest day to buy gasoline, they are also the slowest news days. Journalists and Google are all looking for good content on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when people have mostly just got their heads down, working.
If your press releases have been languishing in the viewing stats, these little tips could perk up your readership with very little effort!


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