4 of the Best Stop-Motion Movies

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Stop motions require precision and patience to create the fluid moving pictures you see on screen. Hence, it is always fascinating to see the outcome of that diligence. Here are some of the greatest movies made in stop-motion that you simply cannot miss.

Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)
One of the greatest movies in stop-motion would be Wallace & Gromit. Their TV specials are well-loved by many, and this movie had received the same results. In this movie, Wallace and his lovable dog companion are a team of pest control unit to protect crops. Havoc looms when a mutated rabbit, called the were-rabbit that consumes any vegetable in sight. Thus, Wallace and Gromit try to save their village from havoc with ingenious plans.

Corpse Bride (2005)
In this dark film, Victor and Victoria fall in love at first sight. One day, Victor goes into the dark woods to practice his wedding vows. Pretending a tree root that appeared to look like a human hand, he finally manages to say his vow right and puts the ring on that root. The next thing you know, that same root comes to life, where a Corpse Bride appears and announces that they are now married. In fright, Victor faints, and wakes up in a strange world of the dead.

Chicken Run (2000)
Chickens make tasty stews. With that in knowledge, the chickens are terrified to be the next meal. Ginger, which is one of the more daring chickens of the coop, tries to persuade the others to escape with her. After several failed escape attempts, she finds that the only way out of the unhappy fate is to fly over the fence. Rocky, a circus act, lands from the sky into the barn one day, giving them hope to escape. However, what they do not know is that he really cannot fly.

The Nightmare before Christmas (1993)
A favorite film among many, this movie is about a town that scares people during Christmas. Finding no more joy in just that, Jack Skellington tries to be giving instead. However, a group of monsters under the command of Oogie Boogie still tries to ruin Christmas.

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