4 Ingredients For Effective Natural Skin Care Products

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It is a common knowledge that natural skin care products can provide you better results compared to those products with synthetic ingredients. Natural ingredients are really useful in treating different skin problems and in keeping the skin healthy and fresh.
These ingredients are good in maintaining the health of the skin. However, you have to know that some natural ingredients, just like some chemicals, can cause side effects to some people that are hyper allergenic and with sensitive skin.
Natural skin care products are more preferred because of its known capabilities. Thousands and hundreds of years ago, natural plants, flowers, and herbs were used to treat different diseases including skin ailments. Even now, this tradition is still applied.
However, the approach is more modernized. Plants, fruits, and herbs extracts are now wrapped in packages and are commonly seen in lotions, gels, and creams. The effectiveness depends on the percentage of the amount present in the product. You have to look for products that have high levels of natural ingredients.
Good natural skin care products should have sufficient amount of natural ingredients like Phytessence wakame, avocado oil, grapeseed oil and active Manuka honey. The effectiveness of the product does not only rely on the ingredients but also with the amount of the natural ingredient used.
Phytessence wakame is an effective ingredient that is obtained from fresh sea weeds under the deep oceans of Japan. This is very helpful in attacking hyaluronidase, a harmful enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid. You need the hyaluronic acid to maintain the smoothness, tone and elasticity of the skin. Along with collagen and elastin this acid can bring back the natural moisture and firmness of the skin. Wakame will help make the skin look young and fresh looking, along with wrinkle free.
Avocado oil and grapeseed oil, on the other hand, are great antioxidants. They are obtained from the extracts of fresh fruits. They fight the harmful free radicals and protect the skin from damage caused by these destructive substances.
And finally, active manuka honey is obtained from specialized honey found in New Zealand. This ingredient is really helpful in stimulating the production of natural collagen.
Active manuka honey is a great antioxidant. This amazing substance also has antibiotic properties and is anti viral and anti fungal. Finding this in natural skin care products is a rare find.
When you combine the four ingredients above in skin care formulas you have creams and lotions that will give you younger looking skin with continual use.

Elizabeth Ruby is passionate about good health and using healthy products on her skin. She does extensive research on the best products to use and what products to avoid. Visit her website at http://www.your-best-skin-care-site.com/ to find out what products she recommends.

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