39 Myths About Selling Information Products Review

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Product Description

The 39 Myths About How To Make Money Selling Information Products is an e-book which tells you the fallacies that are prevalent in the area of effectively selling information products online. The book initially put forth the arguments in favor of the myth, and then shows how in the real world these cannot work. The book will open your eyes to the many bad information products that are hyped which are written by so-called experts and are guaranteed to make you a lot of money. The product also offers a bonus, where for a period of 6 months, you will get free consultations about your information product, website and sales material.
Detailed Overview

In the e-book, 39 Myths About How To Make Money Selling Information Products, each myth provides a valuable lesson to the reader. In myth 2, the importance of the right type of address is discussed and mentions a simple technique that will bring in 75% of your sales. Myth 4 discusses whether you should create your own information product, or you should sell other people's products. It also discusses whether you should give a toll-free number to get orders or not. In myth 7, the book reveals what is the single biggest sales source. You will be surprised that it is not the internet, direct mail, distributors or magazine advertising! Myth 10 discusses lessons that have been learned the hard way when you put too much faith in phrases like “think outside the box”.

The main question of whether the internet can make you millions or not is discussed in many of the myths and shows a broad middle ground which one has to tread on to be successful. The three little words that makes a success or failure of a business, and why that phrase is so important is discussed in myth 17. The same myth also talks about the importance of having a particular communication style. Whether you should make wild promises in your salesletters is discussed in myth 18. You can learn in myth 19 how and when you should give away information and profit by it. Myth 23 tells whether it is necessary to spend on advertisement or not. Many such important details are covered in all the different myths, and one will come out wiser after reading this book.

People have found this book to be very informative and that it destroys many of the preconceived concepts of the information product's industry. There is wisdom in the discussions held in this book, and readers have found it very useful in developing their marketing strategies. Readers have also found that the book has covered exhaustively the topic of information product marketing.

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