31 pattern recognition by the provincial government to lead the industry development

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April 2, Hunan Provincial Government Information Office of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission invited the provincial economy and the Information Committee, the relevant provincial head of the Environmental Protection Department, the Hunan economy "transfer mode, adjust the structure," held a news conference. At the meeting, the provincial government in recognition of the three first-named company for the construction of new industrialization in Hunan province's contribution.
   In recent years, Hunan Province, unswervingly adhere to the driving force of new industrialization, speed up the transformation of the development closely, adjusting the industrial structure of the main line, industrial strength growing, industrial structure shown encouraging signs of change. Concrete has the following characteristics:
   Further optimize the industrial structure, ownership structure more reasonable. According to reports, the new industrialization strategy in the promotion, Hunan industry accounts for increase in the proportion of GDP, industrial-scale 4-year consecutive growth rate of more than 18%, the proportion of high-tech industrial added value increased year by year. In the state-owned enterprises increased their strength at the same time, the meeting highlighted, in 2009, added value of non-public economy accounts for the proportion of the province's GDP up 54.9% to 31 led by the private enterprises contributed.

   Technical structure significantly improved the competitiveness of products to upgrade. Since 2006, Hunan Province accumulated 576.3 billion yuan industrial investment in technological transformation, new product development above the provincial level to complete the project 9926, which reached the international and domestic advanced level of 56.7%. The provincial government said, Hunan in construction machinery, rail transportation, power transmission and other areas of the formation of a technical level with international and domestic advanced manufacturing capabilities, concrete machinery, equipment, solar domestic market share exceeding 70%, of which three first-class enterprise Through constant innovation and technology upgrading, and some products reach the world advanced level. Machinery in the field of concrete, 31 began to lead the development of the industry.
    The combined effect of gradually enlarge, more coordinated regional development. Machinery Industry, 2007 to become the first 100 billion industry in Hunan Province, the province had now reached 5 100 000 000 000 industrial industry, with another 50 key rapid development of industrial clusters, of which Changsha construction machinery, rail transportation is included in Zhuzhou industrialized countries, the first new industrial demonstration bases. 2009, 31 adverse economic growth, achieving sales of 30.6 billion, with the industry to further improve the layout and capacity expansion of the scale enterprises in the clear "over 100 billion in 2012 sales" basis, and further proposed the "2014 200 000 000 000 "sales targets. 31 is expected to become the first in Hunan Province had 100 billion business.

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