3 Ways to Showcase Your Talent on the Web

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Let's face it. Everybody thinks they can sing or dance or play the guitar or the piano or even that they've got the coolest moves on a skateboard or bike. And with shows like American Idol and America's Got Talent, there's plenty of proof that there a lot of very talented people out there. But not everyone can get on those shows, so how can you show America, and the rest of the world just how talented you are?

With the advent of the camcorder in the mid-1980, making home videos became all the rage. Shows like America's Funniest Home Videos became major hits because of people just like you and me who caught the "moment" on tape. Now with digital camcorders, webcams and cell phones that capture video, grabbing talent is easier than ever before. And with high speed internet connections the norm instead of the exception, uploading those videos is a simple process and watching them is as simple as clicking the mouse.

So after shooting the video, what do you have to do next? This is the easy part! All you have to do is upload your video to a site like YouTube or atom.com. If you do comedy, upload your funniest to funnyordie.com. And there are tons more sites you can put your video. That gives your video a "home". But what after that?

These sites are ground zero. Not only will they get you "native" exposure, but you can link to it. This means you can use your MySpace account, your Facebook account and tweets on Twitter to let others know you've got a video up. Another great thing is that you can join forum sites that are related to your interests, and link your video in posts. You can even add your video link to your tagline in Twitter and on forums for added exposure. This means that anyone who sees your wall posts, follows you on Twitter or reads your forum posts has the opportunity to see your talent in action. And, with all the new smart phones like the iPhone and Droids, you can even text the link to your friends. All the bandwidth available means that your video will look just as great on the phone as it does online.

Between all the avenues available today, great talent will come out. Your video may only start with friends and family and random surfers, but if the talent is there, then it'll connect. And once it connects and goes viral and you start seeing your links pop up on sites like i-am-bored.com and other link sites, that's when you'll really be noticed. Noticed by those who really know talent and who want to pay you the big bucks for your talent. All the singers and dancers and musicians and actors didn't pipe through American Idol and America's Got Talent. Somebody discovered their talent, and by using the ‘net, someone can discover your talent too. As easy as it is now to shoot video and load it up, all that's left is to go for it!

Do you have a talent that you want to share with the world? Can you spin on your head or sing the alphabet backward? Vickie Lexom can tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue. Is your talent worthy of a dollar? If so, upload your talent to the BK One Dollar Talent Show and cross your fingers. If you get enough tips, you could win free food from the BK Value Menu!

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