3 Quick Acne Home Remedies

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Acne is major problem for people many people, from teens to adults. Instead of buying expensive over-the-counter products here are 3 quick acne home remedies.

Mint- Peppermint is helpful to cure acne because it contains menthol. Crushed mint leaves help alleviate pain and inflammation whenever you need it.To make this remedy you should crush them up thoroughly and then rub the leaves and juice on the skin for 5-10 minutes. You should then wash it off with cold water. If a reaction occurs do not continue to use this.

Oatmeal- The next of the 5 quick home remedies is oatmeal. To start you should cook a single serving of which should be the same that you could eat. Next you should add about ¼ cup of honey to it and then mix it thoroughly. Now you should allow it to cool and then apply it to your face for 10-20 minutes. Be sure not to leave it on for too long or it will be too tough to remove. The reason oatmeal works is because it cleanses pores by absorbing oil and exfoliating skin. The honey erases the application and is a very good toner.

Nettle- The third of the quick acne home remedies is the herbaceous plant known as "stinging nettle". It is an edible green and herbal remedy which is also a garden nuisance. It has been used over hundreds of years as a natural remedy. When it is dried or soaked in hot water the inflammatory properties of the plants go away. When you handle this plant wear gloves. The first thing you should do for an acne cure is remove the leaves from the stem and then throw away the stem. Next you should put enough nettle leaves inside a teapot and then pour water over it. You should then let it sit for 5 minutes and then when it is ready add lemon or honey. This drink will taste pretty bitter but it is really good for you because it contains high in calcium.The reason nettle works because it flushes the body of toxins and helps stop inflammation.You should stop using this remedy if it causes stomach

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